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VMC-1058 vertical machining center cnc machining from China

VMC-1058 series of high rigidity and large stroke vertical 5 axis machining centers, it is suitable for automotive cylinder head ,cover body and mold processing, having five characteristics.

1. the good rigid, the vertical machining centers VMC-1058 weight heavier than 2.5 tons of similar models, conventional models weight of 6 tons, VMC-1058 weight of 8.5 tons.

2. strong workbench maximum load bearing capacity weigh 200kg more than the similar type,VMC-1058 carry 800kg.

3. the cutting ability is strong.The spindle power is 11/15 kw.The cutting ability is strong while the spindle power of the common model is 7.5/11kw.

4. the vertical distance is long enough,the processing range is wider,the distance is 200mm longer than the Z axis of the common model.The distance of the common models’ Z axis is 500mm while the distance of the VMC-1058 is 700mm,it is suitable for 5 axis machining center.

5. The chip removal is convenient and the leak proof is strong. On the basic castings casted with chip removal vertical machining center and can be installed directly on the spiral chip removal device, the chip removal effect is good. We can cast the water proof tank on the basic castings without dropping any water while we install the sheet-metal. We can install it on the side so we can achieve the requirements of sealing without the sealant.
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