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Xuwanghuan Март 9

GENEVA Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , June 1 (Xinhua) -- The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission on Monday released a comprehensive assessment report highlighting the opportunities and challenges associated with hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2022 in both candidate cities, Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Beijing (China).

The report confirmed that Beijing has the key elements in place to stage a highly successful Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

It also recognized the significant impact the Beijing 2008 Games had on the city and that hosting the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing "has benefited the 2022 bid and would benefit a 2022 Beijing Games across many operational areas."

According to the report, Beijing's vision for the Games "seeks to incorporate winter sports into people's lives, with the ultimate goal of improving overall fitness and health."

For Almaty, the report said the bidding is rooted in the desire to accelerate economic and social reforms DeAndre Bembry Jersey , to build on the country's winter sports heritage, and to showcase the positive aspects of Almaty and Kazakhstan.

The IOC Evaluation Commission for the Olympic Winter Games 2022, chaired by Alexander Zhukov, made on-site inspections from Feb. 14 to 18 in Almaty and from March 24 to 28 in Beijing respectively.

"Both cities have been regularly encouraged to reflect the spirit of Olympic Agenda 2020 in their bids, including reforms designed to allow greater flexibility in the bid process Adreian Payne Jersey , a stronger emphasis on legacy, lower costs and a greater focus on sustainability," said IOC in a statement issued on Monday.

The 2022 candidate cities briefing will be held on June 9 and 10 in Lausanne.

The host city for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be elected at the 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur following a final presentation by the cities to the full IOC membership on July 31.

LI MINCHINA DAILY Capitalizing on the sweeping new zeitgeist The Chinese dream is different from the American and British dreams.CHINA DAILY Brands that match the Chinese dream add other characteristics. CHINA DAILY

If your brand is not creative, not even slightly rebellious, then it may not live up to the Chinese Dream Customized Atlanta Hawks Jersey , according to a major new survey.

These are the qualities — along with being assertive, trustworthy, wise and friendly — that most match Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision for the country's next decade.

The foreign brands that already fit into these categories include coffee chains Starbucks Corp and Costa Coffee as well as ice-cream maker Haagen Dazs and restaurant franchise Pizza Hut.

Samsung Group, whose Galaxy hand-held mobile devices are a hit among Chinese consumers, also makes the grade Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jersey , along with French cosmetics brand The L'Oreal Group, US sportswear giant Nike Inc and the caffeine-fueled energy drink Red Bull,

The Chinese brands that most live up to the dream qualities include electrical goods maker Haier Group, computer and investment company Lenovo Group Ltd, e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and global telecommunications heavyweight Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

The findings come from a survey — The Power and Potential of The Chinese Dream.

It was conducted by advertising and public relations giant WPP Plc Tracy Mcgrady Hawks Jersey , which looks at how both foreign and Chinese companies can align their brands to the new zeitgeist sweeping China.

Some 2,400 consumers were surveyed for the report, around 800 in China and the same number each in the US and the UK, so that international comparisons could be made.

The report suggests there are risks for brand owners who ignore the Chinese Dream since in at least three vital product categories — fashion, electronics and groceries — what it calls "phases of dreaming" (being inspired Tim Hardaway Jr. Hawks Jersey , having fun and learning something) are now ranked as more important for Chinese consumers than among those in either the United States or the United Kingdom.

These three "dreaming" phases are given a score of 204 out of 300 in China, compared with just 128 in the US and 122 in the UK.

Doreen Wang, deputy managing director of Millward Brown China, the global research consultancy arm of WPP, who worked on the report Tiago Splitter Hawks Jersey , says it is important for foreign companies operating in China to recognize the power of the Chinese Dream message.

"What we observed in our report is that international companies need to leverage the Chinese Dream and integrate it into their marketing strategies since it is one of the most important government messages that has been delivered recently.

"It will have a huge impact over the next decade and any business operating in China needs to be part of it."

According to the WPP report, companies operating in China have to be aware of meeting not just personal dreams of individuals but also aligning their brands with the national dream of becoming a wealthier and more powerful nation.

For 69 percent of the Chinese surveyed, their personal dream is interdependent with the national dream, whereas only 55 percent of American consumers say they are linked to the national dream.

Ben Cavender, an analyst at China Market Research Group in Shanghai Taurean Prince Hawks Jersey , says a lot of brand strategists are actually trying to grasp the Chinese Dream concept.

"They are trying to understand it. This phrase is being tossed around, but everyone has got a slightly different take on what it means."

Cavender says that even if companies don't fully understand the concept, it should be picked up in their market research if it has any deep significance among Chinese consumers.

"Certainly companies operating in China are doing a lot more research and positioning and are having more dialogue with consumers," he says. "For a long time brands were just pushing what worked in other markets, but now they have moved away from that."

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