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PARIS Nike Air Jordan Retro Shoes For Sale , May 5 (Xinhua) -- French police on Friday found hidden weapons near the military base in western France, where a former soldier was arrested, local media reported.

The 34-year-old former soldier was arrested on early Friday morning, according to the newspaper L'Express.

The suspect was already known to French intelligence services before the arrest as "fiche S," which refers to people considered a specific threat to security and those who have been radicalized.

According to a source close to the investigation Nike Air Jordan Retro For Sale , quoted by L'Express, "a shotgun, two powder revolvers and ammunition" were discovered near the air base 105 of Evreux, Normandy.

The anti-terrorism unit of the Paris prosecutor's office has opened an investigation for "individual terrorist incident," and the suspect is being held for "fraudulent entry into a military zone" and "violation of legislation on weapons NIke Air Jordan Shoes For Sale ," several media reports said.

According to RTL radio, the suspect's car caught the attention of the police, who later found a rifle cartridge inside the vehicle.

The suspect was possibly planning on further actions targeting the military base, the radio quoted a source as saying.

The arrest came two days before the second round of the French presidential election, in the backdrop of high security risks.

On the evening of April 20 Nike Air Jordan For Sale , three days before the first around of the election, a policeman was killed in the Champs-Elysees avenue in an attack claimed by the Islamic State.

The French interior ministry has pledged to mobilize over 50,000 police and gendarmes to safeguard the election.

China's homegrown jumbo passenger jet takes to the sky

Gale hits northern part of China

Forest fire put out in north China

Farmers work in farmlands at beginning of summer around China

Front part of C919 manufactured in China's Chengdu

Nearly 5,000 firefighters battle forest fire in Inner Mongolia

Monks receive donation from residents and tourists in China's Hangzhou

Snow scenery of Tianshan Mountains in China's Xinjiang

MOGADISHU, March 5 (Xinhua) -- The thought and convenience of shopping at 10:00 p.m. in Somalia was until recently a distant dream to many shoppers in Mogadishu Nike Jordan Retero Shoes For Sale , but the emergence of the first of a kind supermarket is turning this dream into a reality.

In over two decades of political turmoil and war, Mogadishu was a ghost city where gunfire reigned day and night and life literally came to a halt at sunset.

But the tide is now changing; street lights and refurbished roads have given life to the once sleepy city.

Nabaad Supermarket, located in the heart of the city, is traversing a path many found it almost unimaginable a while ago.

It is the only convenience store in the city whose business model is capturing the attention of traders and consumers in the city.

"I decided to try something new in Mogadishu two years ago after studying the market and finding out that all traders were operating small shops and closing by six in the evening," said Ali Munin Nike Jordan Retro For Sale , the owner of Nabaad supermarket.

Munin said he imports most of his goods from China and United Arab Emirates and has managed to attract many customers some of whom prefer to shop at night after they are done with their day's activities.

With a starting capital of 200,000 U.S. dollars, Munin whose demeanor is suggestive of a happy businessman set up a self- service store to enable his clients to take time and choose what they want instead of quick enquiries at the counter.

"I realized that people buy more items when they can walk around the shelves unlike when they just stand at the entrance of the shop," Munin told Xinhua on Thursday.

Shoppers too have something positive to write home about Munin' s store. "Coming from Europe where I was used to big superstores with the choice of shopping at midnight, a small shop which closes at sunset sounded strange to me. But Nabaad is bringing me closer to Europe. I can still drive at 9: 00 p.m. and shop at my convenience Nike Jordan Shoes For Sale , " Oman Hussein, a frequent customer to the store told Xinhua.

The remarkable improvement in security in Mogadishu and its environs has attracted notable investments in business and real estate as Somalis in diaspora troop back home to invest after many years of instability.

Liban Sagal, an economist and lecturer at Somali University attributes the boom in business to the ample investment space brought about by security experienced in the city.

"Since the ejection of the militant group Al-Shabaab from Mogadishu in 2012, investors have developed confidence and are now willing to put their money into business without the fear of being destroyed or taken over by militants," Sagal observed.

Sagal added that the resilience of some Somali business people over the time especially during the conflict is paying off.

"Most businesses are now breaking even after years of trial and fail. Those who were strong enough captured the market and are now able to sail through without much struggle Nike Jordan For Sale ," asserted Sagal.

Munin has six employees who operate on shifts from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is confident of future expansion given the now friendly business environment and the increasing purchasing power among the locals.

Security concerns, however, cannot be ruled out in Mogadishu since the militant group Al-Shabaab has in the recent past launched attacks and assassinations in various parts of the city.

Even so, Munin said his resolve for more variety and choice for his customers is his overriding goal, never deterred by any attacks.

LONDON Air Jordan Retro Shoes For Sale , Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- The McLaren Group, a British high-tech brand specializing in motor-sport, Thursday announced a 268 million pounds (442 million U.S. dollars) turnover and an 18.8 million pounds pre-tax profit in 2013, both figures higher than a year earlier.




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