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lily Юни 17 '17

Want to create a big eye effect of shiny smoked makeup, but do not want to have been with the dull gray and black lines, and occasionally can change the shiny effect to makeup face more light; or honey color skin you are more suitable for earth color Department of eye makeup, but also how to master the bad heat, and let the eyes appear bubble atheism.

Makeup Focus 1: Now sweep the entire eye socket a large area of ??the golden brown gold or gray eye shadow, and then according to your skin color, select the red ocher or dark brown eye shadow, outlined along the contours of the eye rough up eyeliner.Our eyes are very important, it is not only works a feeling body organ to allow us to view the world, but also looks beautiful and enhance your beauty. If you are not lucky enough being born with naturally longer eyelash, latisse is an remedy that help you fairly.latisse is considered to be one of the most famous and effective product to increase eyelash, since latisse buy is the only FDA approved eyelash serum that are allowed to lengthen eyelashes.

Eye makeup deep sense of the most important,Outline the dark brown eyeliner, the use of eyeliner dipped in the deepest color of the brown eyeliner eyelashes along the deep roots of the eyelashes painted lines, and slightly at the end of eye elongation.



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