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lily Юни 15 '17

1, cleansing

Morning and evening cleansing pores can remove excess oil, prevent Zhangdou long spot at the same time to help better absorb moisturizing ingredients, autumn moisturizing facial cleanser can choose to add Moisturizing points Oh.

2, heat

After cleansing, will cover the face of the towel soaked in hot water, and gently press, so that towels close to the face and eye skin, 30 seconds after the win, this can promote facial blood circulation, speed up the metabolism at the same time do a good job The moisturizing of the "preparation."

3, make-up water

After cleansing, to tap the way the role of convergence of the make-up water (oily skin with toner or toner, dry skin with Toner, Sensitive skin with sensitive water), in the larger pores may wish to press a few , This will not only promote blood circulation, but also make skin smooth and elastic. In addition, the make-up water poured on the paper mask, and then gently covered 15 minutes to achieve the replenishment moisturizing effect.Eyelash belong to hair,we know bimatoprost careprost help eyelash growwth long and thick,but did you kow careprost online can help hair gorwth.The most interesting aspect of the study was that it seems like Bimatoprost stimulates intercellular signaling pathways and causes keratinocytes to produce increased hair growth as well as melanocytes to produce increased pigmentation.The whole process seems to start in the dermal papilla.



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