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lily Юни 15 '17

1, eye drops used properly

For the often dry eye pain problems, crush will go to the pharmacy eye drops to buy eye drops, and this is the office workers face the computer all day crush they often use to protect the eyes. Eye discomfort, drops of eye drops, immediately bright and comfortable a lot. However, the use of eye drops should pay attention to the job, eye drops also have different use types, some for the use of myopia, and some are used to alleviate fatigue, and some are lubricated, some are Eyes will hurt. In the choice of eye drops and use of the above, they must be extra cautious Caixing.

2, diet up to relieve dry eye pain

Our eyes require a variety of nutrients to care, therefore, in the diet, but also can not ignore the eye skin care. Eye most in need of vitamin care, a lot of crush because of the lack of vitamins, eye skin looks particularly no spirit, and if you want to prevent eye aging and looks like a spiritual head, you need more vitamin supplement, at the same time, eat some Eye protection food, for example, wolfberry fruit, bananas, oranges, dragon fruit, etc., usually more to add these foods, can help you relieve dry eye and pain.They’re working on the hair loss drug now andThey will probably change the name from lumigan eyelashes drops but the chemical name will still be based on buy lumigan and it will be more potent than the version of Lumigan for eyelashes. Because it is an established drug it will not have to go through as many rigid procedures in order to get it approved for this use. If they didn’t change the potency you could use it right now for hair loss.

3, hot to protect the eyes to eliminate swelling

Eye skin is very fragile, it is easy to dry and pain does not say, but also very prone to swelling of the phenomenon, especially the night before or after drinking too much water is more obvious. Want to alleviate such eye problems, is very simple, just for the eye skin can be hot. Meimei can be hot towel deposited in the eyes, and then to rub massage, the way must be gentle, hot compress the way, can promote eye skin blood circulation, help eliminate swelling, eye fatigue and eye muscles to relieve muscle Of the tension.



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