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The seated box paltroxt  jump is done by simply having an athlete start from a static, seated position, often with varying starting heights to then go directly into a box jump. This can be done with or without arm involvement, with the main purpose being to increase (1) concentric power output, and (2) increase neural activation, due to the lack of a pre-load phase.

1-Step Box Jump

1-step approaches to a box jump (rather than starting from a standing position) can be helpful for those individuals who may need to increase jumping ability for sport specific purposes. This also allows an athlete to gain momentum as they go into the jump, often increasing jump height max.

Single Leg Box Jump

The single leg box jump can be done by jumping off a single leg (unilateral box jump) and land on either the same foot or by placing both feet down and landing on two legs. This is a movement that can increase unilateral strength, power, and balance.

Box Jump Alternatives



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