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Aggrandizement is compound wooden floor variety of imported products, which is composed of medium and high density fiber board base material compounded with 3 oxidation 2 aluminium coated surface of the Ecological Decoration Floor, with particieboard or density board as main material, the surface layer and ground floor pass special processing of the floor or ground plate.

When the shop is installed, so it has the advantage of than traditional real wood floor is simple, do not need to pave keel and lining board, just put the original processing flat on the ground, then pave liners, put on the shop floor, you can use glue. When use, also does not need to wax polish, it is easier to maintain the traditional real wood floor. Some aggrandizement compound wood floor wear wear-resisting layer after processing, still be afraid of smoke of cigarette butts is hot.

But should pay attention not to let the water immerse the floor, because the main material of aggrandizement compound wood floor is particleboard and density board, soak later easy deformation. However, manufacturers are generally responsible for the delivery and installation of the goods, some of which are charged at the original price, and some of the original price includes installation fees. At the time of purchase, the user is asked to check if the fee is charged.

In addition, aggrandizement is compound wooden floor material of cold, the foot feels cool, the old man and the child's family is not the first computer at the same time, when the shop is original if uneven ground, aggrandizement is compound wooden floor is easy craze, affect the use. Accordingly, when the family decorates, can according to the family adornment class, living habit, choose the wooden floor that the corresponding breed is matched with it.

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