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liuyi Юни 13 '17
consumer protection office room secretary Li Huiren. Today's meeting we mainly divided into three pieces of content, the first part is that we discuss the work of the Association, report on the floor of the professional committee in 2006 to sum up the work, while the 2007 work to members of the report, discussed through.wood plastic wall cladding in uk

The second part of our 2007 Shanghai boutique solid wood flooring boutique composite floor of the press conference, the third part of our invitation to the marketing director of marketing sales Mr. Zhang Huawei for our floor marketing lectures. Today's meeting presided over the invitation of the chairman of the floor professional association, Mr. Zeng Zhiwen, please. garden decking wholesale

[Zeng Zhiwen]: Thank you very much for the attendance and visit, our 2007 annual meeting of the first agenda by our Secretary-General Li Honggang to report the 2006 work summary. Shanghai Floors Professional Committee Secretary-General Li Honggang [Li Honggang]: Leaders, members, I put the Association's work in 2006 to make a report to you.marine board deck for boats or outdoors



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