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Start by simply snapping the track pieces together to create your custom speedway. Add batteries (not included) to the racecar, turn it on and watch it zip around the track with its on-board LED lights shining. The included accessory pack provides your Magic Tracks raceway with enough cones, signs, road blocks, palm trees and more to make your adventure complete.

Children's toys are mainly: beach toys, image toys, technical toys, stitching and assembling toys, architectural and structural toys, sports toys, music sound toys, labor toys, decorative toys and homemade toys, general education of toys The requirements are: to promote the full development of children, moral, intellectual and aesthetic; meet the characteristics of children's age, to meet their curiosity, good move and explore the desire of the activities; beautiful shape, reflecting the typical characteristics of things; Help to encourage learning; meet the health requirements, color non-toxic, easy to clean, disinfection; meet the safety requirements. In general, children's toys are designed and manufactured for children of a particular age group and are characterized by the age and mental stages of the child. The use of children's toys with a certain ability to adapt to the premise. In China, the age of children is limited to 14 years.

Beach toys: beach toys cheap, is one of the children in the outdoor activities of the favorable toys. It can develop the children's hands-on consciousness, enhance the children's imagination and hands-on ability.

Game toys: to improve children's cognitive ability, based on the training of children's hands, brain ability, develop their thinking, exercise skills and hand-eye coordination ability.

Digital abacus text class: in the training of children atlins at the same time, the big move exercises, training children's fine action, inspire children on the shape, number, the amount of accurate understanding, and then exercise the flexibility of the muscles.The makers of magic tracks usa have really focused on the facts that kids love diversity. They soon get bored with the same old toys, but the buy magic tracks eliminate this with the ability to be able to set up the tracks in many different ways.Enjoyment in using the Magic Tracks at night because they can turn off all the lights and see their cars and tracks glow.




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