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qizhen Ное 28 '16

kitchen clean fence

TV and acoustics are fit in this area.Jong-nam, red - fame is now bearing arrangement good feng shui will bring family reputation and affirmation, especially parents responsible for their livelihoods.Due south belongs to the line of fire, like color is red.

If you must place a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror is water, and water can fire, against his fortunes.Due north, the black and blue - business inspection due north azimuth of the sitting room decorate.Is the north on behalf of the business, is a water line, color is blue or black.Place of water on the bearing items are helpful to the business of the residents, such as fish tank,

landscape, water wheel, etc.Friends said her right away to the kitchen to decorate, want to for your home beautiful integral ambry to choose a smoke lampblack machine, but don't know how to choose and buy, look small make up for her to sort out a kitchen smoke lampblack machine technique of choose and buy, here to share with everyone.To keep the kitchen clean,

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