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lily Юни 15 '17

The entire makeup are light, thin, transparent, this can bring you a date for some sweet and romantic atmosphere. What are you waiting for, follow each step to learn it, the perfect date from here.

Step 1: Makeup the first step is looking finish, choose fresh type BB cream painted the whole face, the use of pulp open. In the dark circles and smallpox in India where the point of concealer, the same points after the use of pulp coated evenly. Dry skin crush can choose liquid, oily skin crush for paste-like.

Step 3: In the orbital brush on the earth color eye shadow, double eyelids brush on the brown eye shadow blooming, so that the entire eye is full of deep feeling. Every step is sweeping, not too heavy.

Step 4: Select eyeliner eyelash roots along the lines to draw, to the end of the eye when you can rise slightly and then stretch. Just make-up of the crush can be used to draw the first eyeliner roughly eyeliner, and then follow the existing eyeliner eyeliner a stroke into.careprost serum is only $30, alomostabout $100 cheaper than Latisse. And one bottle can last 3-5 months, which just depends on how much you use every time. For me, A bottle bimatoprost eyelashes has beenused for 5 months, it is about $6 a month, it is quiet cost-effective. I order this product from an official careprost site.



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