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Does floor of woodiness of ground warm shop need to notice what ground is warm lay woodiness floor?

The ground warms is current easy compares tall warm oneselfing moderately form, welcome rate is very high. Is the ground warm above what should install? Floor, be still floor tile? Is floor of woodiness of ground warm shop good? This is many wanting that install the ground to warm, a problem that the user that wants to install a floor board again at the same time can ask about. Normally for, the ground warms installation woodiness floor is not very good, the woodiness floor board that had special ground to warm now nevertheless, still can be at ease will choose to use, the place that needs an attention nevertheless is not little.

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The ground warms shop woodiness floor needs to notice the ply of the floor

Installed the user with warm ground, want to choose to use woodiness floor board, need to notice the ply of the floor so, appropriate is thin should not be thick, appropriate is narrow should not be wide. Ply is best 10 ㎜ of ≤ , floor heavy panel is easy bring about its fluctuation difference in temperature is bigger, because heat bilges cold shrink can cause floor gourd ladle, twist, curved, crack, because here heats up the ply of the floor,best otherwise is more than 10 ㎜. With warm floor of small size ground, what when heating to the floor water portion sends out is fast, appear easily the floor leaves seam. The expert suggests consumer chooses warm floor of small size ground as far as possible, make its be heated even, and the loss that still can reduce pair of floor boards.

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Floor of woodiness of ground warm shop is compound the floor is optimal anthology

The standard ply of ground warm floor is 6.5 ~ 8.5 ㎜, the ply of compound floor is 6 ~ mostly 9 ㎜, among them compound floor is aggrandizement more 8 ㎜ of 6 ~ , three-layer solid Mu Fu adds up to a floor to be 8 ~ 9 ㎜, diathermancy can be better. And, the composition of compound floor is to compress commonly edition is broken perhaps plank suppress shapes, won't produce heat to bilge cold the problem that shrink, at the same time the grow in quantity of plank interior broken wood chip also is heat bilges cold shrink best buffer. Heat conduction performance is good, the function that keep heat is very good also, wintry day is not cold, summer is not cool, it is the right choice of ground warm floor.

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