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lily Юни 17 '17

Most of the building blocks and other small gifts, materials, mostly plastic or metal, also includes some common daily necessities, such as buttons, coins and so on. Most of them are small, bright colors, children like, but often these "small gifts" are very dangerous.

Experts suggest that smaller gifts or toys can easily be eaten by their children and become foreign matter. Usually want to put these toys in a safe place, do not let the children easily get; in the child can not tell themselves which is a toy, which is food, we must avoid let the children come into contact with too small toys; in the choice of toys Time, pay attention to its size must be greater than the child's oral diameter can be purchased to use. At the same time, metal toys also have a great risk, parents should be careful, it is recommended not to give five-year-old baby. Mainly a lot of metal toys are sharp and sharp, easy to cut the child's skin, causing trauma, and secondly, most of the metal gifts are coated with enamel paint as the outside, these glazes may contain some harmful heavy metals, such as lead ,There are security risks.Toys are the best teacher for children, toys can develop intelligence.buy magic tracks are the totally new cool race tracks that bend and glow like you’ve never seen before. You can bend, flex, and curve the track magically in 360˚ however you want – even while the race car is zooming around. magic tracks usa from official website.

Music toys Note that these gifts will be issued by some technical means and built-in design, can send music gifts, generally use the battery as energy, some gifts can also be accompanied by music to do some action. In fact, such a toy gift also has a certain risk, often these gifts are attracted to the attention of parents.



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