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When Kyle Shanahan was acutely assassin as the 49ers arch drillmaster aback in February 2017, it turns out that one of the aboriginal things he approved to NFL Coins do was barter for Jimmy Garoppolo.At the time, the 49ers abandoned had one quarterback beneath arrangement branch into 2018 -- Colin Kaepernick -- and they knew they weren't traveling to accumulate him, so they in actuality had aught quarterbacks to plan with.

With aught quarterbacks on his roster, Shanahan did what any added atrocious drillmaster would do: He absolved up to Bill Belichick at the NFL Amalgamate endure year and approved to accomplish a trade.

"At that time, the abandoned guys we anticipation were authorization quarterbacks that were accepting mentioned were Kirk [Cousins] and Jimmy," Shanahan told MMQB recently. "And I knew Kirk wasn't traveling to be a possibility. And I bethink allurement Bill abandoned down at the amalgamate about Jimmy, and actual bound he told me that wasn't a possibility. So we confused on from that. He told me he wasn't traveling to barter him."


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