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In the 1980s, the United States Electronic Arts almost all the attention on the release of personal computer games. At this point, rival Nintendo but through their own efforts to gradually pull the video game back on the market track. In 1989, Nintendo's sales reached $ 2 billion Buy Rocket League Crates. In other companies also eyeing the video game in the case, the United States Electronic Arts had to proceed to the video game market to prepare. At the end of 1989, Sega came to the United States with 16-bit Mega Drive.

 The autumn of 1989, the United States Electronic Arts with the initial release of the stock to get the capital, entered the video game industry. In 1990, a large number of games such as the emergence of the tide, including from the Amiga transplant "Populous", "Budokan: The Martial Spirit", "John Madden Football". In the Mega Drive six years of life, the United States Electronic Arts to establish a "Strike", "NHL Hockey", "NBA Live", "FIFA Soccer", "Road Rash" and so a lot of brand series. 1999 Sega brought DC, began the sixth generation game machine transformation process.

This Sunday will usher in the 59th birthday Tottorella, the second time in his career the title of the best coach (the first time also in lightning, 2004). He defeated the opponent with the Toronto Maple Leaf's Mike-Babcock and Edmonton Oilman's Todd-McClellan NHL 17 Coins. This season, under the leadership of Torella, blue clothing played since 2000 to join the league since the best season, wins (50 wins) and points (108) have set a team history record to Metropolitan Division III The end of the regular season, the team history broke into the playoffs for the third time. Blue in the season also made a wave of 16 consecutive victories, and Penguin 1992-93 season hit a 17-game winning streak of the NHL history winning streak is only one.

After the second round of the playoffs, the league executives and the media voted, David Boer eventually defeated Ottawa Senator Pierre - Dorian and Edmonton oilers Peter - Chiairei was elected Best general manager of the year. Bohr was selected for the best general manager of the candidate list for the third consecutive year in 2010-12. This season, the predators to 41 wins and 29 losses 94 points score ranked fourth in the central division, the final success into the Stanley Cup final, team history for the first time. Nashville to the second foreign card team into the playoffs, 94 points is also the smallest of all the playoffs, but all the way into the final eight black eight, called magic.

Some time ago the German professional football magazine "kicker" announced the 16/17 season, the German Footballer of the Year award winners. Former Bayern captain Lahm won the honor, which is his first election of German football. He finished second in 2004 and finished third in 2006. After retirement, Lahm can still harvest such honor is the German football for Lahm's entire career affirmed. Lahn was first elected German Footballer www.lolga.com, Mr. Huocun Shuisha was elected coach coach of the German football has been launched since 1960, the early years, the German players completely monopolize this award, this situation until 2004 by Bremen's Brazilian striker Elton broke, then 2008 Bayern winger Franck Ribery, 2009 Wolfsburg striker Graffette, 2010, the Dutch Peter Pan Robben and 2015 Wolverine Core de Boulogne also Won this award.

The year of the German Footballer of the selection by the "kicker" magazine organization of the German sports journalists Association members to vote for the German league players and played in the overseas league German players can participate in the evaluation. This year received a total of 885 journalists to participate in the vote, Lahm scored 242 of them, Cross has got 192 votes, Obame Yang got 120 votes. In Lahm's Bayern career, he won a total of 8 Bundesliga championship, 6 times the German Cup champion, 3 times the German Super Cup champion, but it was his first time to obtain the German football player. In this regard, Lahm is also very modest: "This is a great honor, I really very happy for this.I think, the press of the journalists are to see my entire career.

PC games have been in use. The advantages of PC games have a lot of advantages over any other game media. So, there are several players who like to play PC games. So they did not really get out of the market. For those who think that computer games are outdated, we advise them to browse this article to learn about the popular games of 2016. Only you will be able to understand the great popularity of the game.

Civilized six: There are several types of changes in this game. This can be an update of existing and other things. The game allows the player to intentionally plan NBA Live Coins, strategy, and then take action. Players can virtually create their own civilization. A civilization that can lead them through clear transparency. This game is the sixth of the series. Earlier versions are obvious, so this version is no exception.
Of the Stellaris: Most people who played this game did not want to leave. I have the same experience. This game makes me a person who wants to play a strategy game. But earlier I have not played a strategy game. By creating its own empire in the galaxy, it is almost a Stellaris video game experience.

December 30, 1984, LeBron James was born in the United States Ohio Acken walnut tree street of a house, his mother Glijah James was 16 years old, she never revealed James's father. 5 years old to 8 years old that year, James moved 12 times home. Until 1995, Gliia finally rented a two-bedroom house at the Springs Hill apartment.

James's childhood is unfortunate and lucky NBA Live Coins. Unfortunately, there is little parental love in childhood, fortunately there is such a good mother - Glijah James (James childhood is almost a thief is a basketball let him stay away from sin. In James three years old Christmas morning, the grid Leah and her boyfriend Eddie bought a basketball device for LeBron).

God is fair. Walker, who was a coach at LeBron at the age of nine, was also an important figure in his future success, and he helped him when James was in his childhood. Walker in a home visit found LeBron and his mother wandering around, Walker told Greia to LeBron received his home. James said: "I love Frank (Walker) couples, without them, will never have my today."

Say the poor family's children as early as the house, this sentence on LeBron who is better. From high school before entering the NBA, he is the United States and the United States and the high school students of the man, in high school when he fought with him brothers unprecedented three times selected the first team in the United States, but also three times elected Ohio basketball, A high school student.

May 22, 2003 AP News, is expected to become the 2003 NBA draft pick "little emperor" LeBron - James has agreed and Nike signed a contract amounting to more than 90 million US dollars, the two sides will be in Beijing time 23 Day contract

At the same time there are even more crazy things happen. 18-year-old boy is crazy James high school game audience has been super NBA game

This morning, NHL will be in the Chicago United Center Arena for 2017 player draft. There are about a few hundred thousand soccer players around the world accepting the selection of 31 of the world's best professional league teams. As the NHL League NHL 17 Coins in this year the last important event, the major sports media in North America is also rubbing the heel.

The draft is no stranger to the fans who love North American professional sports. This is a selection of North American professional sports, and he connects amateur sports and professional sports together. He is not just a young player a kind of ability to praise, but also for him and his family before the weak crown of their dreams of the constant comeback is a highest appreciation. And for the fans, the team's future will be how, when they can take on the task, the team also need what reinforcement, can get a certain answer in the draft.

NHL is the youngest of the four major league debuts. North American players are 18-20 years old, while the international players are 18-21 years old. NHL this year is 99 years born players to participate in the draft, next year is 00 after the.

The North American player here is the player who plays in North America. In North America, NHL considered the draft of the youth training system as follows: Canada's CHL Professional Youth League, NCAA, North America JuniorA Youth League in the USHL, BCHL, OJHL and NAHL and high school private school. Nearly half of the selected North American players from Canada's CHL, is what we usually call WHL, OHL and QMJHL.

Rocket League is a simple and deceptive, highly competitive multiplayer PC game. Gorgeous RC cars, stupid jets and ridiculous aerial acrobatics can make any spectator feel the Rocket League is naive or casual.The company said the Rocket League has been approved by the Australian regulator, although not yet announced whether it is applicable to the UK - the only other areas, Unikrn support real-time betting Buy Rocket League Items. However, Psyonix told GameSpot that it was not in favor of this use because Jeremy Dunham, vice president of publishing, stressed: "Psyonix does not work with Unikrn, and we do not support or endorse our online betting game."

 Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood has responded to clarify that the platform "has nothing to do with the Rocket League publisher." "But we like this game, like any other game in our sports betting," he added, "and we've created some strange content in professional games and top races." Rocket League has become a popular e-sports venue, and in the highly competitive game, can be said that players and viewers easier to get one of the title. However, with any movement take off, will inevitably lead to gamblers attention. While Psyonix has quickly known his position on gaming, it is unclear whether the studio will prevent Unikrn or other platforms from gambling in the Rockets.

"NBA Live 18" introduced a new play. This new game mode is called "The One", players can win in the league game and street games to win the honor and a variety of props. In the street game, you can use the NBA legendary players NBA Live Coins in the United States to play at all landmark locations. Venice Beach is one of the important venues. Developers also said that your choice in the street game will directly affect your game in the league. Players can also customize their roles in detail. EA said more details about the new model will be announced in the future.

EA Tiburon also said that the game demo demo will be in August with the letter. And happy is that the demo version of the game progress will be able to inherit to the official version of the game. On this demo demo, the official did not announce more details, landing the platform and the exact date of the match. Many friends are in the NBA Live to accompany the grown up. Now, although NBA Live no longer launched the computer version of the game, but the host side of the NBA Live is still continuing to innovate, the new NBA Live 18 details are also more delicate and delicate. Which is the star of the shoes is also a high degree of reduction, as this article appeared Air Jordan 31, Harden Vol.1, Air Jordan 8 Kyrie 3 and so on, in the picture are quite realistic, giving a good vision Experience.

Northern Gaming won the 3rd season of the Rocket League championship series Rocket League Items, having all been waiting for Season 4 and congratulating you on new champions who defeated Mock-eSports in back-to-back the best of seven sets, a loss Mock-it repeats from Season 2 (albeit with another role) against former champions, FlipSid3 Tactics. Although this team would compete in Season 3, they would be sent to the bottom bracket from the NA Sole Survivors NRG and should be eliminated by The Leftovers.

No one expected them (like the Spanish Inquisition) to do what they did, but the remnants all surprised. Snaski, Sikii and Ferra team surprised some people by eliminating both of the OCE teams, but they upset the world (and gained the nickname "Kingslayers") by eliminating FlipSid3 Tactics. They will be sent to the Lower Bracket of Rogue, another NA team, before being eliminated from any champions, Northern Gaming. Ultimately, the team without a sponsor would end up fourth.

For NG to win everything, they had to go through the lower bracket. They have had a relatively easy time against JAM Gaming, going 3-0 against Oceanic # 2 seed before being swept to NRG's bottom bracket. They would then remove the Esports Denial, Rogue, The Leftovers and NRG on their way to the finals. Northern Gaming would just drop two games on that street, one at Denial and one at NRG. That performance may have been a prediction of their championship.

NG would lose two games in the first Grand Final series against Mock-it. The second set could go to seven games with the last match decided only by a goal at zero. Deevo, Remkoe and Turbopolsa would all win. Although the Master would normally be the third, he could not do it in Los Angeles, so Turbopolsa took the place. Whether it is unknown or not, Turbopolsa becomes third third for Northern Gaming, but has earned its share of the World Championship, although his team has finished fourth in the European Region.

Madden 16 guide: how to get COINS in MUT Conquer Madden NFL 16 ultimate team mode (MUT) the first step, and need not spend a penny of cash, the first thing to set up a bank account, you will need to invest more COINS. You're trying to get somewhere near 20,000 COINS. Playing games is the most obvious way, but there are other ways to do it first. The first is your weekly challenge. When you log in to MUT, Madden Coins there are challenges waiting for you, and you can complete the easy COINS and occasional packages/badges each week.

 These can be as simple as running 100 yards or playing two games in a game, which can reward more than 1, 000 COINS. These can usually be done in any MUT mode. In addition, Madden 16 has many different challenges, revisiting the exciting moments of last year's season, or through a large number of opponents. Although they slowly exacerbated the difficulties and eventually took on the OVR team's ratings requirements, there was a stack of immediate completion. From the beginning, they reward only a few hundred, but with progress, rewards increase, sometimes in seconds.

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