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Points and the use of NBA stores:

Won the first game and got 820 points, although not enough training players, then go to look at the rookie, and in the "dynasty development" to view the "scout report" found that next year's draft players potential is "weak ", But in the first three, actually let me find a player called K.Chow Shanghai, China 1 meter height 91 players can play SG position potential is good, do not think, that is, he is how are China people. And then I reluctantly spent 300 points to scout to examine his offensive defensive ability 3 ability, he said after a few days will give me the news left after the arrangements for the study of things, I decided to "my NBA LIVE" To see the inside, oncoming is a hall, there are several display of the room, which "EA SPORST Hall of Fame" is recorded in my hands the players and the team winning the case and the annual championship. Of course, because now only the beginning, so are empty, but I believe that a year later, I want to fill most of the vacancies here.

Record book is to record the history of the NBA League NBA Live Mobile Coins to see Chamberlain single-game 100 points, 50 rebounds can not complete the task, do not know who my men can achieve such a goal; retired jersey is the team players to retire If you think he has made a great contribution to the team, then you agree to put his shirt on display here. Out of this hall to the "EA SPORST lounge", the original computer here is to teach "EA SPORST Freestyle operation", but seems to be broken, after the point of view can not see directly, only give an address I've been there to watch, how could i have this time? Because I want to enter the password on the computer to get more bonus points or something, but think about it is no competition and pursuit, and I finally gave up this very tempting idea.

Next to a very beautiful called "music wizard" CD machine, the original is to put the NBA's music, I feel bad, decided to change the day to find their favorite CD to put up. Go to the "NBA store", here from the retro jerseys, practice jerseys, equipped and shoes have. Those beautiful shoes to see my vertigo, and finally pick a few pairs of good shoes to my players wear to encourage them. When I put the shoes to the Turin after the change, the young man is very excited, he said that I must seriously complete the task, and I was surprised to find that his comprehensive evaluation actually rose from 59 to 62. Later, I found that after the training player's ability to grow, but the comprehensive evaluation in a season is not long, this time as long as he helped change shoes, then their actual ability to reflect, I trained YAO 10 times , Coupled with changing shoes, his ability to become a comprehensive 84.

"NBA Live 18" by EA's Tiburon studio presided over the development. This is the most important new play is called "supreme" (The One) role-playing model - to show with the "NBA 2K" series of distinction - the player's own role in addition to the NBA star can compete with the professional league , You can also come together on the streets of the field field, through the game to win points to grow, to develop their own want to become the player style, whether it is outside the striker or inside strong can.

Among them, the street model contains a number of NBA legendary star and the United States around the iconic scene - conference exposure of the famous Los Angeles attractions "Venice Beach" (Venice Beach). www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins

Players can partner with friends in the "Venice Beach" or "Rock Park" (Rucker Park) and other field games held 5 to 5 games, your choice in the street mode will also directly affect the performance of the league model. Of course, the game will, as always, provide the traditional NBA professional game.

This landing PS4, XBO, iOS, Andrews platform, scheduled for listing in September. The game's free demo DEMO is scheduled to be launched in August, the experience includes the "supreme" model of single and co-op, and demo progress can be inherited to the official version of the game.

The Team of the week hero this week in NBA Live Mobile is 92 OVR Dwyane Wade, he is only available in packs for 24 hours so make sure you rip open some packs before the deadline ends.


Here is the Team of the Week (TOTW) for Week 14


* 92 OVR Dwyane Wade (Small Ball Lineup; SG)

* 91 OVR Al Horford (Shooting Lineup; C)

* 83 OVR Kent Bazemore (Two Way Lineup; SF)

* 81 OVR Jameer Nelson (Defensive Lineup; PG)

* 80 OVR Terrence Jones (Big Man Lineup; PF)

On top of this, EA sports has released another card to NBA live mobile. They introduced this month's Hero of the Month. The hero of this month is 95 OVR Kawhi Leonard.  This is a great card, he has well rounded stats and should be a beast in your NBA live lineup. He is going to come at a hefty price of coins though!   ( Lolga is a credible site that can offer your NBA Live Coins and NBA Live Mobile Coins.)

If you want to complete this set, you are going to need the Team of the Week Hero's for Weeks 11-14. The heroes are listed below if you want to attempt to complete this ultimate set. 


* Week 11: 90 OVR CJ McCollum (Small Ball Lineup; SG)

* Week 12: 90 OVR Karl-Anthony Towns (Two Way Lineup; C)

* Week 13: 91 OVR Nikola Jokic (Big Man Lineup; PF) 

* Week 14: 91 OVR Al Horford (Shooting Lineup; C)

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