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Although DeShaun Watson is already in the TPG, it does not mean that they will stop to look for a quarterback.

According to an IFLOPPO (Ian Rapoport) report from the NFL Network, the Texans have completed the workout on quarterback Lamar Jackson on Wednesday. If Jackson slips to the point where the 68 sign -- the first man in the Texans this year's draft -- is placed, the Texans will be "prepared."

When the draft was held last year, the Texans traded their first-round pick and second-round picks this year to Cleveland Browns in return for the opposing team's first-round pick to pick quarterback Watson NFL Coins. Texans with Watson are unlikely to pick a quarterback, but Jackson, who has a dual-player ability, may be able to surprise them.

Sean Ryan, a quarterback coach from Texas, said that for Jackson's quarterback, he needs to thoroughly study each other's retreat ability. Ryan said: "We understand that there is still a lot of work to do, but at least we must know that he has the ability to accomplish these things."

The Seattle Seahawks will look very different from before in the 2018 season.

According to informed sources, the Seahawks will be defensive end Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett) and the seventh-round pick traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for the Hawks fifth-round draft pick and receiver Marcus Johnson ( Marcus Johnson).

If the Hawks were surprised by Bennett’s new owner, then the deal is not the case. For weeks there have been rumors that Bennett may be traded.

With three years left in the contract, Bennett's departure will allow Seahawks to save about $5.2 million in salary space. At the same time, however, the Hawks exceeded the salary limit by about $10 million, which means that some members who helped the Hawks win the title last season will have to leave the team.

Defensive end players Vinny Curry and receiver Torrey Smith may leave the team, and veteran forward Brent Celek may be another away player.

Do not doubt that Bennett will still be able to display his outstanding ability NFL Coins. During his career, Bennett was one of the most underrated players in the league. He is one of the 12 players who have scored at least 5 kills in only one of the last 6 seasons.

In the past five seasons, only J.J. Watt and Carlos Dunlap have made more quarterback impacts than Bennett. Bennett is a key member of the Haiying championship.

As for the Hawks, the deal reminded us that they will not lie on the trophy book of last season. Bennett will continue to reinforce the frontline seven-man defense that already has Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett.

As one of the most active teams in the league, the Hawks have begun to build their lineup to prepare for the next season in the playoffs.

There are many great athletes in the world. They are soul-like figures in their respective fields, creating countless splendors and writing countless legends. Looking at the history of world sports, you will find that the great athletes all have similarities. They rely on their amazing talents and unremitting efforts to create achievements that later generations can hardly reach.

What is Peyton Manning's most convincing example of consistently outstanding performance? It was in the circumstances that he was originally superior in strength and it also made the elite look mediocre. 539 record passing touchdown, NFL history record. The 71940-yard pass advancement is also a milestone sign for the league. When he retired, Manning also won 186 games and became the quarterback with the most wins in NFL history. This record was not broken until October last year by another dominant quarterback, Tom Brady. Manning’s great data comes from his day-to-day, year-by-year accumulation. 539 record passing touchdowns: Manning sent at least 25 record passes for 16 seasons, 3 more seasons than Brady; 71940 yards pass forward: Passing over 4,000 yards in a single season is not yet popular Previously, Manning had done this for 14 seasons, more than all the other quarterbacks NFL Coins. From 1999 to 2004, Manning did this for six consecutive seasons, while the other quarterbacks achieved this achievement in as many as two seasons. 186 wins: Manning has a winning percentage of more than 75% against half of the teams in the league. Rule his opponent: Manning beat all 32 teams in the NFL.

In the 2007 NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in the quick loan center. At the time, Spurs' core Tim Duncan embraced LeBron James, who was only 22 years old and had just played in the league for four seasons. "The future is yours." However, even 10 years ago, James had already begun to build. Belongs to his personal dynasty. In the second season of joining the NBA, James scored an average of 27.2 points per game, and he still maintains a 20-year-old player's highest single-game scoring average. In the following year, James was selected for the first time in the All-NBA First Team and opened a gorgeous chapter in his 11-team career. As long as James is selected for the 12th [starter] starting lineup, he will create a new NBA record. Having reached the NBA Finals for seven consecutive seasons and playing an average of 94 games per season, James has not been so far tired. This season, James averaged 27 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and sent 9 assists. If he can keep this data at the end of the season, he will be the first player in the NBA history to achieve this achievement in a single season. In February of this year, in the 15th season of his personal career, James completed his first-ever triple-double in a single month. In the past 14 seasons, James averaged at least 25 points per game, ranked first in NBA history and 2 more seasons than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone. On February 27 this year, he became the first person in history to enter the league with 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds, and 8,000 assists. We are still looking forward to what surprise James can bring to the fans.

Why can a golfer who has won only 8 titles in the past nine years can become the most dominant player in the world in the last 20 years? Because Woods's performance in the first 11 years is too good. In the 10 years before Woods ruled professional golf, the best golfer of the year only averaged 3.1 titles per season. In the 11 years from 1999 to 2009, Woods not only won 5.8 titles per season, but also won the title of the best golfer of the year. In addition, many of Woods’ career data have led the rest of the game significantly: In the 35 Grand Slams played between the end of 1999 and mid-2008, Woods won 13 championships, while other golfers only He won three championship titles; in his career, Woods had three consecutive wins in five or more golf tournaments, and the last player to achieve five consecutive titles was Ben Hogan in 1953. In the 45 games in which Woods entered the final round as the top player, he has won 43 victories. The rate of loss in the final round was only 4.4%. Even in the small details, Woods's performance is quite remarkable: From four years from 2002 to 2005, Woods faced a total of 1,716 short putters shorter than 3 feet (about 0.91 meters). He only had four times. Failed to hit the ball into the hole. After all, gold is not enough and people are not perfect.

Jonathan Stewart ended his 10-year career as a Carolina Panthers player.

The team announced on Wednesday that they had trimmed the 31-year-old running back.

The Panthers selected Stewart in the 13th overall pick in the first round of the 2008 draft. In the 2017 season, he became the player who scored the most in the team history. He completed 1699 rushes to get 7318 yards NFL Coins.

Cutting Stewart will allow the Panthers to save 3.7 million US dollars in salary space, and they continue to clean up the veteran team. Previously they had cut off guard Kurt Coleman and defensive end Charles Johnson.

In the 2017 season, Stewart shared minutes with first-rounder Christian McCaffrey. His average yardage per game dropped to 3.4 yards per game. Cutting Stewart means that the Panthers need to find a running back to partner with McCaffrey.

Today's buffalo clouds are overcast and heavy rain, which is probably the best description of the mood of the army knife fans. In today's game, the king of New Jersey devils to a 3-0 victory over the Los Angeles, at the same time, it was officially declared buffalo saber "theoretical" fairlyweak may disappear completely, also for the people of the miserable buffalo, their season will end in April seventh straight ahead.

At the moment, the army knife has a record of 23 wins, 36 points, 12 overtime and 58 points, the second-lowest in the league. Yes, penultimate, with a point of "huge advantage" ahead of Arizona coyotes.

Seven consecutive years into the playoffs, that no matter in which professional sports league is definitely a failed result, buffalo, New York's last trip to the playoffs have 10-11 season, but that year they also lost in the first round of the Philadelphia flyers, early exit. I'm afraid such benefits only record is that they can on Dallas in June's draft pick a line to the first four rookie, but this, really can bring substantial changes to the team?

Jason pommelville had only six goals since Halloween. Johan larsen has scored four goals so far this season, with two of them coming from empty doors. He scored seven goals in 65 games. Back? Sorry, it wasn't until December that someone scored NHL Coins.

Such result, saber with averaging 2.41 goals of league "alarming data" 30th, for success is a bluff fell, from 24.5% last league first dropped to the alliance of 26 17.5% this year, 51.8% of the waste can be in the top six of the success rate of the ball.

EA's new NBA game "NBA Live 18" Demo has been released on playstation store and Xbox Live. You've probably played it, and it's worth a try for the unplayable. EA releases The "The One" mode in The Demo to The full version NBA Live Coins. EA spent a year making the game, and from the first impression of the game, EA's decision was rewarded. The game screen has faint praise, but the character model is very real. There's a lot of room on the pitch, and ESPN's commentary does have a taste of live TV.

The players on the court are authorized. The cap is very strong. The game interface is very friendly to the player. The chart will show that the defender will come to the block and play the game with the L2 key. Players can also light the right rocker to achieve the person and the shooting basket. The game has improved considerably in terms of control over the previous NBA Live series. Game AI is more focused, but sometimes the AI is slow.

The EA "NBA Live 18" launches a promotion that allows players to pre-order at retail stores and enjoy a 33% discount, while PSN sells for $40. EA members can also get discounts on Xbox Live.

Escape the Eastern dragon, did not escape the East Ying Lang, yesterday for the first time low claims blacksmith. Chinese and Japanese team results, once again let a taste of the complexity of Asian football. Many friends in the Chinese team after the game are angry, the author to tell you that this really do not matter with our people, they do not win the game we have smashed the TV, it is not full of support Well.

Today's auction schedule to Baja and the US Open mainly, as usual, the author today to take care. But the series from last week and the results of this week's race, but that today is a good time to shoot FIFA Coins. Now we have to analyze a Baja League, 005 flamenco vs ponte plita

As Baja's traditional giants, flamenco performed well last season, with the third place under the leadership of Kongka, Guerrero and Damian. But this season start, flamenco face Brazil Cup, Libertadores Cup, the league three-line combat situation, the team since the beginning of May for almost a week two consecutive races, prematurely entered the physical limit period, resulting in the league play Good, after 6 rounds of flamenco only 1 wins, ranked 14th. In the Libertadores Cup, Flamenco also 1 points of the disadvantages of regret out.

For them the start of the 2017 season is a disaster. But with the league's progress and the liberation of the cup out, flamenco's pressure gradually ease. Since June, the Baja schedule is frequent, the other teams have entered the physical limit period, and Flamenco is gradually adapt, which will have a positive impact on their future game.

The hole before the game card back from injury, which for the home fight Flamenco is a good news. The current team in addition to the Peruvian general Guerrero, the whole can be battle, the strength of the home against the flat Ponte Puleta, is an excellent opportunity to rebound.

Pont Peretta performed well, the team 6 war 3 wins ranked fifth. But they are a huge problem is the lack of off-war capabilities, the team's three wins this season are from the main battle, the war only 3 games to get 1 point. With the recent increase in the density of the league schedule, Ponte Peretta home security strategy is more obvious. Although the current team all players can battle, but the author for their away degree of investment has doubts.

Two teams played nearly 14 times, Flamenco only 3 wins, including two or last season to kill opponents, and the home and away are 1 ball small victory. The game sub-disk directly given a ball disk, apparently inconsistent with the status of both sides. But the ball is probably not a disk plate trapping, because the strength of this Handicap has gone beyond the normal areas, the dealer for the Ponte Pereta away from the battle is full of doubt. Due to the limited attendance of the Baja League, but also in the morning almost at the same time kick-off, so the overall amount of each game is limited. The impact of the disc on the game can be ignored, the field to support the home team.

The Rocket League game is roughly the same as its predecessor, the supersonic acrobatic Rocket powered chariot. Players control a rocket launch of the car, and use it to play a much larger than a car, toward the other team target area, in ways similar to the football match to score goals, including elements reminiscent of demolition Derby Rocket League Items. The player's car is capable of jumping in mid-air. Players can through the transfer vehicle tag space to increase speed to the scene, so they can quickly across the field, using the additional power shots, or hit it to another player's car go to destroy it; In the latter case, the damaged car reappeared. When flying in the air, players can also use the lifting force to propel themselves forward in flight, allowing players to hit the air in the air.

Players can also quickly dodge, causing their cars to make short jumps and spins in a particular direction, which can be used to propel the ball, or to gain a positioning advantage over other teams. Match is usually five minutes, sudden death extra time if this match is tied together. Matching can be from one to four for four players, as well as leisure and ranking. Rocket economic include competitive ranking online mode, players compete in the season of hierarchical levels of the game, respectively, to win or reduce the ranking of the player. The game includes the single-player "season" mode, where players compete with computer control players Rocket League Crates. The December 2016 update introduces a "custom training" sequence that can be created by players and Shared with others on the same platform; The player can specify the path of the ball and the presence and skill of the opponent on the field to repeat the specific lens.

NBA Live 95 has not added new players, but from the NBA Live 96, the game module to become the NBA Live series of the biggest features of the game. 1997 launched NBA Live 98 is the Sega Five Dynasties simulator and Sega Saturn developed the last generation of games, is also the first to support 3Dfx (2000 by nVIDIA acquisition) graphics accelerator card game. Official only supports the first generation of Voodoo graphics and Voodoo Rush graphics card.

From the NBA Live 2000, the game introduced the NBA Live legend All-Star team, including the league 50 years of history (50 years - 90 years) in those famous characters NBA Live Coins. These players can be used after entering the game, but if you want them to be the same as other players to trade, or join other teams, must be gradually unlocked by the game. For a variety of reasons, the list of these star players will often change, such as in the NBA Live 06 to join the potatoes Weber (Spud Webb), Karim - Abdul - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and Tom - (Tom Chambers); and Michael - Jordan because of copyright issues did not appear in individual works.

The history of James on the discussion has not stopped. However, it is still very early to discuss now, after all, James is still in the peak of a career, the future can create what kind of record can not be sure.

I'm not sure if James can enter the top ten, there are a lot of good players, I will not put myself in the top 10. LeBron is an excellent player, and when he wins the championship, the higher his ranking will be.

He is the top 10, and that's no doubt. But I do not think you can exclude five of my list from the top five in history: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chamberlain, Russell, Jordan, Robertson. LeBron will never be Jordan, he is not a better shooter, no one can be better than Jordan's defense.

LeBron is "the most competitive player ever" and claims that LeBron will become "the best player in history". Citing the words of Mouring: "I'll tell you what Scotdy is saying, he says LeBron will play Jordan's ass and then I say, Scottie, you're all right.

LeBron is now the top ten in history, but also with a very fast pace. He can go beyond Michael, become the greatest player in history. He is the strongest defensive player, is also the most intelligent guy, he is the best team in the world.

I will put James and Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, ranked first in history.

I do not think LeBron is Jordan, but he is at the same level. Bill - Russell, Oscar - Robertson, Jerry - West must also be that level NBA Live Coins. Over the past two seasons, LeBron finally reached that level.

For this era, LeBron is the best.

 has been racing for at least 26 points and six rebounds and six assists for nine consecutive seasons. Oscar Robertson has eight times, Jordan and Larry Bird have three times: "If LeBron can continue to do so, he will be able to go beyond Jordan, Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The potential is there, but he must also be healthy.

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