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The NFL has already tried in the Chinese market and has scheduled and then canceled a live NGL game in the country. Stars from the alliance also visited the country, and Tom Brady to the Great Wall of the locals for passing.

Last year, the alliance began addressing huge potential markets with social media services Sina Weibo and an instant streaming deal with entertainment giant Tencent this week. The challenge awaits the NFL Madden 18 Coins and Tencent as they look to watch young people's interests through online and through electronic contests.

These include universal, language barriers, time zone differences, cultural, commercial and technical challenges waiting for China's NFL-Tencent pairing. At home, professional football seems to be more focused on the overall audience than on a shrinking cable television audience.

Aigo's boss Kraft has said the NFL's future is streaming media. Alliance broadcast partner CBS has voted to create a streaming media campaign to serve groundbreaking live sports streaming media with $date madness in the Thousand years. Is this all over?


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