Switch platform players get a better experience of rocket league от блога на fifacoinslol

Nintendo's openness for cross-platform multiplayer means that Switch players can experience the rocket league with Xbox and PC players, but not PlayStation players, because Sony has always been reluctant to let its players and opponents platform users competition.

PlayStation sales and marketing director Jim Ryan said the company has the responsibility to protect young players, and cross-platform play will affect Sony Buy Rocket League Items to fulfill this responsibility. However, Dunham said that they can alleviate these problems.

We talked with Sony many times, they have allowed us to cross the platform with the PC, but the current Xbox and Switch platform has not yet been approved, we hope that this situation will change, no matter what reason they are, we can convince them. We will make every effort to make more people play more secure, open and simple, so that cross-platform players get a better experience.



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