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Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,Royal blue happens to be one of the most graceful and refined colors.More than often, it is the color scheme of a particular sneaker colorway that attracts sneakerheads into buying it. It is one of the most ideal colors since it is capable of complementing just about any skin tone.As of now, Jordan Brand has numerous classic Air Jordan color schemes,It is a color that can enable an individual to make a statement,but one that continues to be regarded as the most iconic is none other than the very first one, the “Bred” colorway. making virtually any theme look considerably more impressive. When laced in royal blue-colored footwear,More recently, it is even being referred to as the “Banned” colorway due to its association with the first Air Jordan 1 High pair that Michael Jordan wore. pulling off an appropriate look does not even require too much experience.Apparently, 2017 is set to mark the return of another well-known “Bred” colorway, Despite not being common, royal blue-colored kicks can provide the wearer a classy feel and look. One of Jordan Brand’s most popular ones is undeniably the Air Jordan 1 “Royal,” this time of the Air Jordan 13, which originally arrived at retailers back in 1998. which makes its comeback this year.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Air Jordan 1 “Royal”-2On the same day back in September 2016 that the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Bred” returned,Amongst upcoming Jordan releases 2017, the Air Jordan 13 “Bred” will actually be making its third comeback. The Shoe Game confirmed that Jordan Brand would also bring back the Air Jordan 1 “Royal.”As mentioned, Jordan Brand first re-released this colorway back on December 22nd, 2004. The royal blue hue is actually a variation of the azure blue shade.At that time, the official name of the colorway was “Black / True Red” and it retailed at a price of just $150 back then. This hue first appeared on the dress of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, King George III’s wife.Prior to 2010, the Air Jordan 13 had been on somewhat of a hiatus and after it returned, Jordan Brand a number of classic colorways. As can be seen even on the Air Jordan 1 iteration featured here, this hue has a dark and deep blue tone, with somewhat of a faint reddish-purplish tinge.Jordan Brand brought back the Air Jordan 13 “Bred” and the sneaker went up on retail at a slightly higher price of $160. The Air Jordan 1 “Royal” was one of the original colorways of the model released in 1985.


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