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I think I'm going to have to answer them. As I'm someone who's honest, I will always tell the truth.' RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Lionel Messi heroics were FUT Coins Twitter hit in 2015 but Cristiano... Eden Hazard's father says his son is fully focused on... Freddie Ljungberg set for Arsenal return as club's U15 coach... Vincent Kompany fears missing 'best years' as Manchester... Share this article Share 6.8k shares Lord Coe's relationship with Nike put him in denial, says whistleblower Steve Magness | Daily Mail Online

Athletics whistleblower Steve Magness says the IAAF were trying to ‘save face’ with last week’s bans for corrupt officials and that the road map for reform launched by president Sebastian Coe will be ‘meaningless’ until there are fundamental changes inside athletics’ world governing body.Magness was formerly a senior coach at the Nike Oregon 

Project in America and says that Coe himself should submit to a formal inquiry that explores his long-term financial relationship with Nike, worth almost six figures annually, and how it affected his behaviour.Magness says it is as important to know precisely how Coe and Nike’s relationship worked as it is to understand the institutional corruption involving the IAAF and Russian dopers that is still tearing the sport apart. Lord Coe was criticised for not acting quickly enough in reforming the sport of athletics.

Magness insists Coe has a ‘blind spot’ over his own conflict of interest, saying: ‘It’s ludicrous. I’m a science guy so I know all the research done on conflict of interest and how it actually impacts. Just because you declare it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to how it impacts you.‘You need a full and thorough investigation. Why didn’t people [at the IAAF] know [all about Russian doping and IAAF bribery]? Who was controlling and influencing?‘Why was Seb Coe so reluctant to give up his Nike contract? 


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