It feels when we are in trouble we are not united enough от блога на lolgavip

In a game just ended, Cavaliers lost to NBA MT Coins Magic 98-116, after the Knight's Isaiah Thomas accepted the media interview.

Speaking of the fourth quarter the team only got 9 points, said Thomas: "We only play 1 to 1 singles, we stop to do the first half of the things that work, it is so simple, we become a complete second half Different teams, at both ends of the floor, have always been like this, and for the whole season, that's an unstable performance. "

Thomas said: "We want to play better as players, the opponents will hit the wave of attacks, every night, when they hit the wave of attacks, we have to unite, and now the situation is that when we encounter difficulties We're going to go away, that's what I feel, and it looks like this, and then everybody on the offensive end singles, and on the defensive end, everyone fights, and we played great in the first half Everybody was happy, energetic, helping each other on the defensive end, sharing the ball, and the ball was shifting from one side to the other on the offensive end, and then we were playing the way we lost. "

In today's game, Thomas threw 30 minutes, 3 of 13 shots and got 11 points, 8 assists, 1 rebound and 1 steal.


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