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The 52nd Super Bowl came to a close. The Philadelphia Hawks defeated the defending champion New England Patriots to a 41:33 win with no outside NFL Coins optimism. While the Hawks won the Vince Lombard Cup, the following spells were again fulfilled.

Patriots guess the coin on the losing: the current won the Super Bowl guess coin ceremony is the New England. It is worth mentioning that this is the Patriots 10th Super Bowl, but only for the third time they won to guess the coin. Even more amazing is that in the previous two won the coin game, New England eventually lost the ball. The 42nd and 46th Super Bowl, the Patriots lost twice to the New York Giants.

The Patriots lost the first score on the losing side: The Patriots failed to score in the first section of the Super Bowl match seven times before Tom Brady and Bill Beltsick both played. Among them, 4 times 0: 0, twice is 0: 3 behind, the other is 0: 9 behind. Prior to Belichick and Brady's era, the Patriots had scored a Super Bowl in the 1980s and 1990s and both scored in the first quarter, but neither team eventually won the match. Today, Belicchik led the team for the first time in the Super Bowl, scoring the first section in the team's history to defeat it.

Madden curse: Any player who posts on the cover of the videogame Madly rugby will have suffered bad luck this season. Among them, most players are a serious injury situation. This season, Madden spell took the cover of the cover player - Tom - Brady's sixth career crown.

Regular season MVP Curse: Starting with the regular season MVP Curt Warner in the 2001-02 season, all the regular season MVPs who reached the Super Bowl finals failed to win, including Matt Ryan, Cam-Newton Peyton - Manning et al. Today, Tom Brady following the 2007-08 season, once again realized the terror of this spell.

Passing Code King Curse: In the Super Bowl 51 years of history, there is no any one regular-season pass ball won the Super Bowl champion. Peyton - Manning, Curt - Warner and Dan - Marino and other legendary stars have been the spell under the knife. This season with 4577 yards pass to promote the regular season pass the ball Brady, following the 2007-08 season, once again fell on the spell above.


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