Real Madrid's second goal от блога на fifacoinslol

The Spanish newspaper marca notes that the space behind marcelo has become a huge defensive hole in real Madrid. Zinedine zidane's team in the away game against celta lost two goals, exposed the marcelo all defects, before losing the first ball, he failed to our own position, getting the second a ball also comes from his mistakes. And this is no accident, and the data proves it.

According to the statistics, real Madrid lost 16 of their 16 goals in la liga, and six of them came from marcelo's defensive left, which means that nearly 40 percent of the team came from his defensive side. The loss of the ball caused real Madrid to lose points and to keep the team away from the title race. All the evidence suggests that marcelo is not in this season.

Against hertafi, the other side launched a counter-attack on his side and eventually scored. Marcelo watched his opponent break into the box to score a goal against herona. Marcelo did not intercept the attack against Barcelona and luis suarez. Marcelo was also teased by messi, who wore only one shoe, before Madrid lost their third goal. For celta, two of real Madrid's goals have also been linked to him.

The Spanish newspaper asle pointed out that the match against celta was not aware of what zidane would have thought when he saw real Madrid's second goal. Because the ball is the result of a needless "marseillaise" blunder made by marcelo in midfield, "Marseilles" is the mark of zidane.

Marcelo has just spent his first 11 years at real Madrid, but now he's in a bad situation and he's been a threat from real Madrid and has become a big leak in his defence FIFA 18 Coins. This may have something to do with the lack of pressure on him on the bench, according to the newspaper, and the company appears to have failed to gain zidane's trust, and there is no strong alternative to the youth camp.

It remains to be seen whether zidane will be rotated in the left-back position after the king's cup will be available to numancia in midweek. In any case, zidane will have to restore marcelo as soon as possible, because both mal and mbabel will be attacking the city in February...


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