The league's best boss от блога на fifacoinslol

For Cuban team is lucky, because the Cuban for looking after its own players, he bought a Boeing 757 aircraft, specifically for the team for the team to more comfortable when playing away from home, he going to decorate the mavericks locker room one of the most luxurious LOLGA.Inc. Mark Cuban, who came to Dallas in 1982, worked as a bartender, worked as a salesman, then became a web developer, became a billionaire, and in 2015, he had $3.2 billion in personal assets. 

Some people described him as the league's best boss, no boss like him so obsessed with love basketball, love for their own players increases, as far as possible to create the best environment to play the game, his slogan is, in order to win at all costs. Cuban has made the playoffs this year, claiming that the thunder's wei is not a superstar, and that only durant is one of the superstars. Durant has reacted angrily, and Cuban is an idiot. Stir up the fire everywhere, lest the world be not disorderly, crazy boss is sure crazy.


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