The uncertainty for each player от блога на fifacoinslol

Specifically, anyone from 0-499 MMR is placed in bronze I, 500-999 MMR in silver I, 1000+ in gold I, which is particularly troublesome for bronze players A 100 MMR player and a 499 MMR player are very different, but the same RP starts. We are returning your hidden MMR skills and uncertainties to the values of the preseason LOLGA.Inc, but with the lowest uncertainty (your skills are not completely stagnant). This will improve the quality of paired and solve your RP's "trend" with your MMR problem. In other words, you will see fewer small RP gains and less big RP losses (we are doing this very SOON).

Rocket League: How does the first season work differently? For the season, we are continuing to use other popular competitive game methods, the introduction of an "integral" system, the system is located in the "hidden" skill rating / MMR above, to obtain a positive impact. At a high level, this makes the preseason problem well off the "ranking point" (RP). Our skills system is similar to other modern games and tracks "skills" and "uncertainty" for each player. Your skill value will rise or fall depending on the difficulty of winning, losing, and matching. We do not have the department under the rankings and what we want.


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