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As the world's top ten football giants, the new German Cup winner, Dortmund club came to China for the second time, the club attaches great importance to China's huge fan base and market value, and actively open to find China's local business partners Cheap FIFA 18 Coins. In the conference site, Dortmund in the live club chief marketing officer Carsten Cramer presented to the Tengqing animation printed with "TENQING" exclusive jersey. In addition, Dortmund star Nuri - Sahin (Nuri Sahin) also visit the scene big show skills, and fans with a warm self-portrait photo. Mr. Cramer said: This cooperation is completed by the world's leading football marketing agency Lagardale sports help.

"Since 1999, he has been the exclusive exclusive business partner of the Dortmund Club, and Lagardale Sports has successfully introduced the team, including Evonik, Puma, Huawei, etc., for the team," said Ms. Li Ying, General Manager of Lagrange Sports Greater China. 30 well-known global enterprises, and Tengqing animation is our first multi-special film and television industry partners, where also congratulations Tengqing animation become Dortmund club global cooperation in the family and another important family members from China. We are proud to contribute to the full-fledged partnership between Tengqing Animation and Dortmund Club from Film IP to China.


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