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Since the first Canadian governor, John Amadeus Macdonalds, announced that the hockey was a Canadian national ball, the sport became part of Canadians' blood. When I first came to Canada, I knew nothing about the ice hockey. As soon as I saw six players like a few baseballs in their bones, the tigers were rushed to the ice rink, chasing a little rubber hockey, and my heart was lifted up. There are a few dodge, to tens of kilometers per hour the speed of the bang hit the fence. Twelve sticks were flying, and everyone was desperate to carry the unfortunate rubber.  https://www.lolga.com/chritmas

When a strong and strong players slide to the goal, I saw each other a person crashed into his side, suddenly, a fierce war imminent. I do not know when, maybe the time, my understanding of the ice hockey, is no longer a fierce scraping and ruthless impact. Speaking of Canadians, even if it is nearly seventy years old lady, the love of the ice hockey to the extent of madness, that is not too much. In the streets you can see many people, from three months of the baby to the crutches of the grandmother, dressed in Vancouver ice hockey team uniform; in the store has a variety of souvenirs, from the baby's pacifier Which says "Come on ice hockey") to lucky characters.


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