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EA stadium features a racing car and there is an unreadable golf course. Upstairs there are four poker tables, users can play at any time. With the update on June 18, 2009, the name of the complex is changed to EA Sports Speedway and upstairs to EA Sports Complex Green Poker Room. In addition to the name change, the update eliminates the golf course and adds four karts, the user plays Racing, and also adds a red poker table to the poker room.

July 2, 2009 update adds golf course and another poker room for complex four rooms; EA sports racetrack, EA sports golf course, EA Sports Complex green poker room, EA Sports Complex red card poker room. The racing field has a total of eight trucks, four on each side of the complex. The golf course has two golf practice ranges; there is a range on each side of the complex. Golf course is about to launch golf store. The Green Poker Room offers four green poker tables that users can play at any time. The red card poker room is equipped with four red cards, but requires the player to have 2,000 points Buy Madden 18 Coins.

On July 16, 2009, EA Sports released another five rooms in a complex area. This room is fighting night on the 4th called "Club Fight Night" game space, which contains a small game called Club DJ, which is about to launch Robot Boxing.On July 30, 2009, EA Sports added a black poker table to a higher level player to the EA Sports Complex red card poker room. In time, there will be a room dedicated to this table, like the green poker room and the red poker room. They also added the fifth green table in the green poker room. The update also includes the addition of EA Sports Pro Shop, where users can purchase complete boxing clothing and furniture from the "Fight Night" fourth round. 


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