The soil nail system was ideal for top down construction in this project от блога на soilnailing

The soil nail system was ideal for top down construction in this project because they provide a permanent, safe and economic reinforcement of slopes without the requirement for additional support. The soil nail system installed featured galvanized protection, which provides comprehensive corrosion protection for soil nailing applications. This application of soil nail system had great benefits, not only economic ally, but also technically.

soil nail wall is a stabilization method of reinforcing existing soil by installing hollow bars or threaded steel bars into slopes or cuts as wall construction proceeds from top down. Grouted bars are installed to create a stable mass of earth, first step in building a solid wall. The nailing process creates a single block of earth able to hold-back its overburden. Soil nailing is an economical means of creating shoring systems and retaining walls. Often, nailing is less disruptive than other means of constructing retaining systems.

Soil nail wall construction includes the following major steps:
(1) Excavation;
(2) Drilling of nail holes;
(3) A) Nail installation and grouting ;
B) Installation of strip drain;
(4) Construction of initial shotcrete facing;
(5) Construction of subsequent levels (Repeat Steps 1-4);
(6) Construction of final facing.


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