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Madden 18's longshot model is divided into three chapters, the first of which is actually a regional merger, the second part of which mainly covers longshot TV shows, the third being the redemption arcs of Devin and Colt. In the following guide, we will step through the best decisions in each longshot action, and the ultimate goal is to get Devin and colt drafted to the NFL team.

When Madden 18's longshot story first started, you were introduced to the young version of Devin and Cole. Select "Change Playback" in the session selection, and then complete the two Qte button buttons to guide the left side of the analog stick to the Colt Cruise's outstretched hand Buy Madden 18 Coins.

When you're on the road with colt, quickly move on for a few minutes to the next conversation choice and choose the "compassion" option to build a friendship with Colt and then choose to sing in the car with Colt. When you arrive at the hotel, select "Reject" Colt want to take a picture of the banner, you will be in time to enter the hotel. This is a surprising decision because the choice of taking photos with colt and missing the opening hours of the hotel could have a negative impact on Devon and Colt.

When you make the next conversation selection in a zone merge, choose the "hiss" option, stick to the path of humility, and respect your mentor. Now, there will be a series of QTE events where you need to press the trigger on the left as soon as possible, when Devin is prompted to throw the ball onto a receiver. Once you press the trigger on the left, use the analog wand on the left to guide the receiver, and press the corresponding button when the mark is over the green area. When you press the left-hand trigger, press the receiver to the analog stick to begin in this section.


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