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Stage 1 of the Rocket League: Competitive Matches and Online Goals

The focus of this phase is on open online competitions. You will first start the competition and choose your favorite solo duel, doubles, solo standard and standard playlist between the playlists. You need to match the 10 display locations Rocket League Items in the same playlist until you receive the rank score and unlock the "Silver cup rankings."

If you have been placed in season 4th, you will get the trophy trophy so that the time to play is greatly reduced! For the players who need to be placed in the competition, we recommend doing as much as possible for the Gold Cup scoring and assists. If there are still some goals to do, just do more online games to make this trophy unlocked. At this stage, you may receive the second phase of the item.

Stage 2 of the Rocket League: Items Trading

This phase can be completed at any time for any player that plays before the 1.35 update: If you have a very rare project and 5 other items of the same quality (Uncommun or rare), all the remaining trophies will be completed quickly.

For unfortunate players who miss something, you may need to play extra hours in an online game to receive items. Otherwise, you can trade with the player to collect the items you need, from minutes to minutes to upgrade! As a last resort, it has a key (not really recommended) to buy, this unlocks the barcode you may receive and discards the random item.


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