McGrady personal data is comprehensive от блога на fifacoinslol

In the magic, McGrady had enough minutes and unlimited firing power, personal data began to rise, scoring firepower was released, and two scoring Kings were the best proof. At that time, McGrady was a young man, with the precision of a cruise missile and a sharp break, captured the hearts of millions of fans. People saw the penny in him and saw the future of the magic.

Although McGrady personal data comprehensive, elected all-star is common, but the team's performance in the playoffs are not so good, after the first round to stumble, even three to one leading piston can be reversed, first-round curse began to be McGrady nightmare LOLGA. To be fair, t-mac's performance is good enough, but the team is still in the playoffs, and the first round is nowhere to be seen. Year after year, alone, along with the deepening contradiction with the management, Tracy McGrady had secretly, the young man admire penny made up his mind to leave the magic, to create their own legend, so magic trade him to the rockets, and no more from Orlando to Tracy McGrady.


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