Many personalized game design от блога на fifacoinslol

The tencent joint the NBA to create the best NBA e-sports league, the first mobile game, except for the game itself quality, athletics confidence, the largest style is back in the top NBA IP. As a sports game, how to make full use of the top IP of the NBA www.lolga.com, making the works that meet the expectations of the players is the first problem facing the game.

Except in the most part reflect the charm of basketball shooting, join the fusion probability of sliding "shooting groove", "best NBA in many details on the performance of the same game: multiple simulation, for the player's facial expressions, and the application of real-time motion capture system, the maximum let players to experience the unique charm from the NBA. Many personalized game design, also let "the strongest NBA" on tencent game channel host "2017 Chinese game" "top 10 most popular mobile game".


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