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Munich is a city where tradition meets innovation. This German city attracts so many youngsters from all around the globe. Its contrasting dynamism, the world famous Oktoberfest, beer filled feast and majestic Bavarian traditions are well worth a experience. City is filled with rich Bavarian heritage well preserved in some premier museums, art galleries and other cultural institutes. You can get a car on rent for better experience of Munich. It can also be booked online with car4hires. No city break is complete with stroll through its shopping streets and collecting bags full of memories. Munich offers great options for shopping. It is home to huge flagship stores of high-end international brands, small local boutiques and shopping streets suiting to the needs, budget and choice of everybody. Whether to buy clothes, souvenirs, antiques or traditional Bavarian costumes everything is available here. Some of the best places to shop in Munich are mentioned below.

It is pedestrian zone shopping area located in centre of the city between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. It is the busiest shopping area in city home to high-end and all major modern brand stores popular among both locals and visitors. You will find plenty of interesting boutique-style stores, chain-stores and antique shops. You can buy anything from here from books, jewellery, shoes and also a great place for arts and crafts and some great Bavarian quick snacks and meals.

It is one of the oldest shopping streets Munich located in the heart of old town. A wide range of shops and stores are lined along the street and corners selling almost everything from antiques, jewellery, junk, furniture, fashion, leather goods, home accessories, clocks, watches, yummy delights and many more. Sendlinger strasse is a must visit for football fans, souvenir hunters and music lovers.

It is an important retail destination in Munich. It serves as a hub of high-end international designer stores. A kilometre long stretch packed with well known designers and luxury shops such as Monteblanc and Cartier followed by fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Valentino. Second hand stores selling past-season fraction prices offers a great opportunity to buy your favourite brand without emptying your wallet.  

Another popular stroll for luxury brands and stores in Munich is Theatinerstrabe. One of the best shopping arcades in the city, Funf Hofe- an outstanding combination of cafes, bistros, cool boutiques along with upmarket stores are found here. There are many more shopper’s stop in Munich such as Westenrieder Strabe, Viktualienmarkt and many more which are worth more exploring and gaining experiences.
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A road Journey from Ongole to Bangalore: Take a bus!

Ongole is a city situated in Andhra Pradesh, is a blend of several cultures. This ancient city is richly filled with historical evidences and inscriptions belonging from the yore. This evident city is well connected with roadways. A journey from Ongole is a comfortable 8 hours bus travel experience to Bangalore.

I booked online bus tickets at https://www.redbus.in/bus-tickets/ongole-to-bangalore.aspx , the bus travel experience was a pleasant one. The online bus booking option lowered my hassles and it was cost effective too. I opted for an APSRTC Garuda Semi Sleeper bus. It is a state owned bus service that was comfortable and I faced no problems while booking bus tickets from the bus reservation platform.

After a long time, I came up with plans to visit Bangalore. After all, this city is bestowed with a plethora of attractions that keep pulling tourists from all over the globe. The rich feel of development and good road connectivity with other major cities makes Bangalore a popular place of visit in India. I always wanted to experience this city!

I boarded the bus from Ongole bus pick up point at 7:30pm and reached Bangalore at 7am. It was a travelling by bus for almost 12 hours, where the bus transport gave rest stops. The bus came with clean interiors and polite bus staff who took good care of passengers.  

While travelling with the aid of bus just keep in mind to hold your headphones in your hand and pack some rapid snacks to munch on, these will absolutely eliminate your boring instances. You are going to cross by way of a number of scenic areas, lush fields and lovely highways. Ultimately, my ride was mostly during the nighttime so the scenes were not clearly visible via the windowpanes.

As soon as I reached Bangalore, I quickly took a Cab from the bus stop to my friend’s place and grabbed some quick rest at her place! Later narrated the experience of my solo bus travelling to my friend.
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Best Malaysian food that you can’t miss

It has been rightly said that Malaysia is a food heaven. Every place you visit you will find something new here. Malay, Chinese and Indian meals are mesmerizing in Malaysia. Have you tried curries over banana leaves? Try it once and you will always ask for more.
These signature dishes are available in different parts of Malaysia. To travel to places like Penang or Sarawak, to book tickets from redbus and visit these places in style.

Below are some dishes, ranked based on their popularity in Malaysia.

Clay Pot Loh Shu Fun

Ever had rat noodles? If not, you should definitely give Clay Pot Loh Shu Fun a try!! Fret not; it has nothing to do with rats. It is just one of the names given to this dish apart from silver needle noodles. Prepared in a clay pot in order to retain the heat, some stall vendors optionally add vegetables and meat as toppings. Pro tip: Add some Dark soy sauce. Thank us later!

One of the most popular dishes on Malaysian streets, Satay, is made from grilled and seasoned meat. Meat may consist of goat, chicken, mutton, beef, fish or even pork. Served with sauces made from dried peanuts, the dish tastes delicious. The dish has become so popular among tourists that is now found on almost all corners of the streets. The dipping sauce coupled with curry Chicken was quite tasty and I did not find it spicy at all. Even a friend of mine who just cannot handle spicy food was able to eat it just right. The chicken and beef satay was the best part of the entire dish. Both were quite good and flavor full.


There has to be a dish that celebrates noodles and Laksa does it like no other. One of the most popular dishes in Penang and Sarawak, noodles is served in a rich broth and is spiced with condiments favorable to each region. It is one of the most popular dish in Singapore. The dish is known to gain quite popularity even out of South East Asia. Thanks to its delicious taste. The entire noodle dish is made in coconut milk and a strong base of curry soup. There are quite a few types of the dish as curry laksa, which is coconut milk, based and Asam Laksa, which is completely tamarind, based. You will not find mostly street vendors in Malaysia serve this dish at any popular restaurant as it.

Bak Kut Teh
Bak Kut Teh aka meet bone tea is a popular meat dish popular on the streets of Malaysia and Singapore. It is a mix of Non Vegetarian food alongside natural herbs infused together to make one sumptuous finger licking dish. Thanks to the herbs, this dish has an earthy flavor. Served in a clay pot, this dish makes the perfect option for breakfast. Pro tip: Having it for lunch alongside plain rice is a complete yes too!!
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Travel to the best 7 Star hotel Grand Hyatt, Malaysia  by Bus

Grand Hyatt Hotel

This Hotel is considered one of the most premiere and luxurious five star hotels in Malaysia. It is situated right next to the Kuala Lumpur convention centre. It is just at a 6 KM distance from the signature landmark - Petronas Towers. You can board a bus from right outside the exit gate of this hotel and reach the Petronas Towers. Although the distance is short, you are sure to encounter a lot of traffic. The cars will stop moving but your taximeter will still be on! Why waste money just to sit in city traffic. Instead, board a bus and stop paying to sit in city traffic!

The bus network is such that you have point-to-point connectivity with little or no change of bus to reach a destination. Bus is considered the best mode of transport as they are regular and are quite punctual about their timings unlike taxis the fares are fixed no matter what! Besides traveling by bus will hardly cost you anywhere between RM10 to RM20. Visit the website redbus, book tickets, pay online and just zip around the city when your bus arrives! The staff of the Bus Operator is quite cordial.

The Hotel features floor to ceiling windows and some of the most picturesque views of the park. The best part being the magnificent views of the city are visible from all of the rooms. The Hotel rooms are equipped with all basic facilities like a 42 inch TV and a coffee wending machine

The hotel also features a never-ending outdoor pool and a Spa where you can pamper yourself. If you are done relaxing, you can head to the pavilion shopping mall, which is just 10 minutes by road, and you can easily reach here by hopping on to a Bus. Traveling by bus will spare you the ordeal of carrying cash and change as you can book your tickets in advance and pay online. The Hotel also features a signature restaurant. THIRTY8, which is famous for its Sea Food, Sushi, Sashimi and Steak.

If you are looking forward to head here on a business trip the hotel has a futuristic meeting room – a state of the art business centre that is equipped with the most modern technology.

If you appreciate fine living and do not worry about the costs, you should definitely check into this Hotel. The locals here say that the Hotel is located in the ‘Golden Triangle’ and that the hotel is just a few kilometres away from all of the major landmarks of Malaysia. Buses arrive at the exit gate of this hotel every 15 minutes and promise you fixed fares that do not change and spare you from the ordeal of the unruly taxi drivers! If you are a fitness freak and want to shed those extra calories after a bus journey, the hotel features a twenty-four hour fitness gym. I personally recommend you to try the Sauna, as it will surely rejuvenate you.
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Travelling by bus from Bangalore to Mysore

Bangalore, regarded as a one of the significantly developed cities in India. Folks staying in Bangalore and working in big corporations frequently search for a comfortable mode of trip while coming up with plans of visiting Mysore. Therefore, the city is well-networked roadways, railways and airways fulfilling sudden travel specifications of men and women. Commuters looking for a quick escape from Bangalore to Mysore, usually choose to take up a bus journey. As the fact is justified, buses take lesser time to cover the road distance of 146kms. Besides, Buses are cost effective and easy to access at any time of the day.

People keep traversing from Bangalore to Mysore and vice-versa, as both the cities are filled with a plethora of things. There are numerous people from all over the country who comes and stay for various reasons in Bangalore; they wish to travel to Mysore for many purposes.

Therefore, buses create a huge convenience for many, as there is no need to plan a travel in advance. I booked online tickets from redbus.in and all my worries just flew away. This platform helped me to buy bus tickets at affordable rates and ensured a hassle-free bus ride. The booking procedure was quite simple and offered a list of operators to choose. After all, they catered a pleasant experience!

I boarded the bus from Majestic pick up location at 7am and reached Mysore Fountain circle at around 10am. It took almost 3 hours to complete the bus journey. I opted for a Volvo Ac seater bus, it was super comfortable and the time passed away quickly. The bus was nicely integrated with phone charging points and the bus staff provided water bottles to all passengers. Some of the buses come with video coaches too! The bus shall pass through various scenic locations, varied territories and vibrant landscapes.
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Do not miss 4 Tourist Locations in Ajmer

The city of Ajmer get its name from 'Ajay Meru'. Generally deciphered, it means ' invincible slopes'. Settled in the Aravallis southwest of Jaipur, Ajmer was built up by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan in the seventh century AD. Until the late twelfth century AD, Ajmer was the epicentre of the Chauhan custom. After Prithviraj Chauhan's hardship to Mohammed Ghori in 1193 AD, Ajmer wound up evidently home to a couple of administrations. The Mughals particularly, fancied it as their most adored objective because of the closeness of the holy Ajmer Sharif Dargah. This city is wrapped in rich history and I decided to visit Ajmer by taking a bus. Hence, I booked online bus tickets at https://www.redbus.in/buses/ajmer-bus-tickets.aspx  and reached this amazing city in a jiffy.

I generally had an inclination of going to Ajmer and exploring its fascinating spots of visit. Going by bus decreased my hassle and the air conditioner Sleeper bus transport turned out to be an agreeable alternative when travelling for around 9 hours. In the wake of hearing a great deal about the place, I finally had down from the bus at the Chhotigwaltoli bus stop at around 8am. I grabbed some rest in my friend's place and afterward got down to explore the city of Ajmer.

Steadily, I made out that Ajmer is a blend of Hinduism and Islam. Differentiated societies and customs made this city alluring and dynamic. The diversified city boasts not only of pilgrimage centres but also of picturesque lakes, museums and forts. Some of my recommendations in the visitor’s list of Ajmer are:

1. Ana Sagar Lake:
this beautiful lake is situated in the North of Ajmer. The Mughal Emperors that adds to the beauty of the lake made certain modifications. ShahJahan constructed the ‘Baradari’, a sandstone pavilion and the Daulat Bagh Gardens that were renovated and maintained by Jahangir. The lake is a perfect spot for family outing purposes.

2. Taragarh Fort:
I was astounded with this place. I trekked for 30 minutes to see the ruins of the Taragarh fort. Approaching high on a peak the post enables its guest to explore the whole city from here. All the military exercises amid the Mughal Period used to occur at this site and later on, the British used it as a sanatorium.

3. Ajmer Museum: Once prevalent as the illustrious home of Emperor Akbar, the exhibition hall highlights a rich storage facility of the Mughal and Rajput body protective layer and sensitive models. The building is worked of red sandstones, which have been located in a square example giving it a great standpoint.

4. The Mausoleum: This place highlights a gigantic door built by the Nizam of Hyderabad. The correct side of the patio has the Akbari Masjid, which is worked out of white marbles and is attractive for tourists. The patio gloats another mosque made by Shahjahan and two monstrous cauldrons. Situated at the inward court of the Dargah, Shahjahan's mosque is a magnificent building made with finest quality of white marble.
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Experience 5 Street Shops in India

Street market or flea markets act as a boon peculiarly for folks whose notion of traveling or discovering the city means to replenish their bag with souvenirs. The nearby culture, the pleasant of what is within the fashion and for obvious the dirt-inexpensive premiums are the motives, which make roadside markets the sort of hit amongst home, overseas travellers and the neighbourhood crowd too.
Visiting to cities of India is consistently possible by means of buses. Booking on-line bus tickets makes your journey less complicated, while you order tickets from redbus.in, all your concerns get relaxed and tensions are shooed immediately!

Simply read on to search out the record of top street markets in India, which you must go and keep from, should you prefer street browsing a lot!

1. Night market, Goa: The Arpora Saturday night Market is the most going down and energetic market in Goa, which begins after six within the evening.

2. Sarojini Market, Delhi: This market sells huge quantity of export material. This flea market is as a rule the first-class avenue market that you just would spot in the capital city. The market is normally thinking about modern-day fashion garments, luggage, and footwear at dust-low-priced costs.

3. Commercial Street, Bangalore: The spectacular and fancy streets of this flea market caters the quality of fashion. The market may be very good organized and it has bought a class, which differentiates this place from the cliché of local markets in India.

4. Colaba, Mumbai:
A road market in Mumbai, which is jam, filled with now not just the local people, however, with the fashionistas of the city too. That you can entirely believe this high-fashion market of Mumbai to keep your dresser full of contemporary stuff without burning a gap to your pocket.

5. Baapu Bazar, Jaipur:
centred within the historic metropolis a part of Rajasthan, Baapu Bazaar includes nice Rajasthani handicrafts. That you may fill your browsing baggage with the bedsheets, Jaipuri jutti (ethnic shoes) and lots of matters which are more ethnic.
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Spending an evening in Sentosa, Singapore

Most of the nightlife in Sentosa takes full advantage of one of the island’s main selling points:

The beaches. And while the beach parties do hog most of the limelight, the scores of light works and music shows held here deserve all the attention bestowed on them and more.
Several options to reach Sentosa are available, though the cheapest and fastest mode will be to opt for the bus-way. I took my tickets for traveling from redbus.sg ! No doubt I had a hassle free journey.

So the next time you visit this charming island resort, a visit to these shows or events is a must.

Crane Dance
Much like the Symphony of Lights show in Hong Kong, the Crane Dance witnesses two lovebirds express their affection by flirting and dancing to the music. The spectacle is much known for its stunning audiovisuals, LED lights and waterworks. What’s more? You can watch the show for free!

Songs of the Sea

 A dazzling 30-minute light show, Songs of the Sea works up the ambiance by displaying stunning computer-generated images that flow in sync to the music played. A visit to the show makes for a perfect first date night. Or any date night for that matter!
Lake of Dreams: Making its presence felt at the heart of Festive Walk, the Lake of Dreams show lets you feast your eyes on water cannon tricks and flaming dragon dances that brings to life the entire strip.

Beach Clubbing
This swanky beach side bar goes for the whole ‘Miami Beach club’ vibe with its array of white-cushioned loungers, luxurious swimming pool and several sections designated for VIPs. The huge venue can hold up many people, and as well as laying on an extensive all-day food and drinks menu, Mambo Beach Club hosts regular parties featuring international DJs to keep the place rocking until around midnight. Arrive in the daytime for an ultra-chilled out vibe without any party antics. But as the night wears on and the drinks flow, expect things to get a bit livelier – particularly on weekends or public holidays.

Visit the Fort Siloso Skywalk

The skywalk is about 181 meters long and is at a height of storeys. The place will provide you with a scenic view of the beautiful skyline of the city of Singapore. Entry to the skywalk is completely free and there are also guided tours here that you can opt for a detailed historical account!

Experience iFly

iFly Singapore is one of the largest themed wind tunnels famous for indoor skydiving. The place is about is 16.5 feet wide and about 56.5 feet tall. It is probably the only wind tunnel in the world that has an 18 feet tall acrylic glass wall that will let you gaze an unforgettable view of the Siloso Beach and the South China Sea. If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry since you will get professional guidance by certified experts as well as complimentary safety gear.
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Top 2 Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Langkawi

These hotels are the perfect options for people   who are looking to stay just for a night   and are on tight budgets. Though the rooms have been priced economically, these hotels offer cosy guest rooms, extend warm hospitality and top notch facilities so that you can complete your stay without any hassles. These hotels are situated at strategic locations just kilometres away from duty free shops and iconic landmarks. The prime location makes it even more easily to reach here as there are several buses plying on these routes. Travelling by cab is not only costly but also a hassle as I experienced that the cabbies here tend to overcharge.  There are also plenty of dining options where you can have a sumptuous meal at unbelievable prices. If you are looking for a quick accommodation but a comfortable one these hotels should be your best choices.

These buses have their own tracking system and there is no need to wait at the bus stop either. You can travel carefree without your wallets thanks to https://www.redbus.my/ , which will let you book your bus tickets online.

Langkawi Sea View Hotel

This is a 3 star hotel situated in Kuah which is just 18 kms away from the Langkawi International Airport. The room has sophisticated decor and furnished with all essential comforts. The room also features a private balcony and a viewing deck that offers magnificent views of calm and serene waters. The room is equipped with a safety deposit box and laptop charging stations. A stay in this hotel will set you back by just RM167. It houses more than 143 guest rooms and suites, a huge indoor pool, a 24 hours fitness centre for the gymming enthusiasts and a conference centre for guests who are out on a business trip. The hotel is at a 25-minute distance from the airport so I highly recommend you to reach here by bus instead of paying higher fares for Cabs. It is a 3 star hotel featuring fully furnished rooms. The hotel also features the Kingfisher Café where you can indulge in some local and international favourites. If you are in the city on a corporate visit the hotel is also known to offer meetings and events packages for corporate affairs or seminars. The floors have rustic timber giving you a rich feel the moment you enter the room. The entire hotel has been specifically designed to enable natural light to reach all parts of the room.

BellaVista Waterfront Resort

The hotel is just 15.8 kms away from the Langkawi International Airport, which is a lot of distance, and travelling by Cab will set you back by around RM200 not forgetting surge pricing by Cab Aggregators. The funny part being your travel expense will be much more than your stay here, which is just RM167. The hotel houses more than 275 guest rooms, 2 restaurants and an outdoor pool. Looking at all the above, I highly recommend you to travel by bus.
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Pick up any 5 Budget Hotels in Yercaud: Get some good rest!

Having decided on a haphazard weekend getaway to Yercaud on a shoestring budget creates no hassles. As you can save a great deal on online hotel booking. Once you book your prior hotel room then you can plan your itinerary well. Besides, there are a number of homestays and camping options available at reasonable rates. Yercaud unfolds a variety of activities for all visitors including trekking, mountain climbing and long walk trails amidst the nature. You can experience all these by accommodating in a budget hotel in Yercaud. Simply browse redbus and select your ideal hotel room at a reasonable price. This online hotel booking facility not only enables you to pick up a convenient stay but also makes sure that you can choose a desired location in the city. Do not forget to carry your booking confirmation copy and display it at the time of check-in at the hotel premises.

Yercaud is as enchanting and picturesque tourist place, in fact a one-stop destination for the old and young alike. Yercaud is a hill station located in the Shevaroy range in the Eastern Ghats, in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu.
In order to lower your tensions, here is a list of budget hotels in Yercaud. These budget friendly accommodations can be booked online and they come with a clean bed and bath option. Travellers seeking for convenient access to public transportation can opt for hotels that are located close to bus stops, railway station and commercial areas as they are budget friendly too. On the other hand, visitors looking for a serene environment amidst the hills can select hotels being located close to nature (on the upper landscapes).

The list of hotels in Yercaud are applicable for all those folks travelling on a low sum of money. The suggestion of hotels below has been based on their location, service offerings and guest demands.

1. Subham Hill Resort, Retreat road: Guests can easily access the main town from the hotel. The resort is encircled with abundant of silver oak trees and will help guests to rejuvenate. The resort offers hygienic service for the guests at all times.

2. Hotel Dreams Paradise, Nagalore Main rd: The hotel is situated at Ondikadai, giving a panoramic view to Annamalaiyar temple. Many of the sites seeing places like Lake, Anna park etc., and are at a walkable distance from the hotel.

3. Wellington Hotel, Main City:
Located close to the bus stand it offers a car parking facility. It has individual cottages with all basic amenities.

4. MM Resorts, Pagoda point rd: A resort situated within the coffee estate is close to airport. The serene surroundings and dramatic views from the hotel attracts many guests.

5. Sri Durga Residency, Pagoda Point:
Located away from the city shores, it is surrounded by nature and cool breeze. Lavish green hills and other places of interest can be easily accessed from the hotel property.
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