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Taking a bus from Udaipur to Jodhpur is an incredible experience. The bus takes you through Indian roads can be very energizing. The bus shall pass across many vibrant sights, variant towns, sample food at rest stops and meet many local people. Udaipur which is considered to be the City of Lakes, is the Crown Jewel of the state of Rajasthan. It is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli Hills in all the directions making it one of the most beautiful cities of the country. Known as the Venice of the East it has a lot of mesmerising temples as well as unforgettable architecture making it a visit worthy destination of India. To experience Udaipur to its fullest a boat ride through Lake Pichola will be enough to prove to you that the city is truly the Pride of the state of Rajasthan. Located in a valley and surrounded by four lakes Udaipur has natural offerings making it a memorable tourist friendly destination. It is often referred to by the locals as Jewel of the Mewar. I would recommend you to stay at the Lake Palace Hotel which offers some of the most serene views of the city. Make sure to visit the signature tourist attractions of Udaipur which include the City Palace, the Fateh Sagar Lake, the Sajjangarh Palace. The Sajjangarh Palace is also known as the Moon Palace of Udaipur.

Only that before you set out on such a road journey try to book online RSRTC bus tickets from redbus.in, as I did. This spared a great deal of time for me and I got tickets at discounted rates as well. I decided on a RSRTC Volvo AC Seater bus while making a trip from Udaipur to Jodhpur. The bus transport was unwinding and accompanied cordial help while I was over the span of journey!

I boarded the bus from Udaipur at around 4:00pm and reached Jodhpur at 9pm. It was a 5hours of bus voyaging where the bus gave one rest stop. Once the bus begins to move, you can simply relax, complete little work on your portable workstation, read a book, chat over telephone or get some rest. Regardless of how much ever I travel, I cherish the feeling of nodding off on a moving transport and waking up in some place new (destination city).

The interiors of the Volvo Bus was clean and agreeable. I typically lean towards RSRTC bus transports, as they are state-possessed transport benefit. They are dependable and offer timely administer of bus services. This is a standout amongst the most voyaged routes in Rajasthan, where bus is an ideal decision of numerous commuters on a regular schedule. Besides, buses serve in a great way during my solo travel trips. I was spending a vacation in Rajasthan and here buses are always my best travel companion. They are cost effective and safe to travel.

Jodhpur is loaded with various attractions and I was excitedly holding up to investigate its appeal!

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Set your foot in Pondicherry and you are going to be compelled to surprise if you are in India or France. The French colonized the district quite a while back yet some of that charm still floats in this union territory situated at a distance from Tamil Nadu. The architecture is finished in French patterns, the avenue signs are in French (together with English and Tamil), many persons communicate fluent French and most eating-places serve good steak and wine! Exceptional indeed! This can be a weird little destination and at some point is not going to suffice your stay in Pondicherry.

Nevertheless, you probably have a little more time in your busy schedule, which you could simply relax, letting down your issues, back off the pace of day-to-day routine and add purposeful which means to the straightforward things in existence. Likewise, ranging from yoga and meditation to pottery or simply lazing around the shores. There are countless approaches to unfurl in Pondicherry. Aside from these, which you could take the vibes of colonial structures, gothic churches, basic heritage monuments, pristine shores, expansive gardens and of direction delectable official French cuisine. Pondicherry is also referred to as Puducherry or even Pondy by the locals here! It is a union territory in India. Located in the southern part of India it is one of the best destinations if you are looking forward to some vacationing time with your family and friends. Located in Tamil Nadu on the coast line it is one of the most easiest places to reach by all modes of transport. The best places to visit on Pondicherry include the Paradise beach and the Auroville Ashram. The golden sands of the Paradise beach is the best place to relax under the sun. Auroville ashram is a signature landmark where people from all races come together to live in harmony. It is also referred to by the locals as the Universal Town.

Journeying to the cities of India is always possible through gentle bus service. Reserving online bus tickets makes your trip less complicated, once you order tickets on  redbus.in, leisure of your issues are shooed instantly! Pondicherry is linked with many significant cities via roadways making buses a beneficial and financially perceptive method of transport.

Aurobindo Ashram: countless numbers of spiritual seekers from everywhere now seek advice from the Ashram that was founded via Sri Aurobindo. The ashram offers quite a few value to yoga because it helps to rejuvenate the body and mind.
Beaches: there are four essential shores particularly Promenade seashore, Paradise seaside, Auroville seaside and Serenity seashore. They are in no way too crowded and, compared to other shores in India; the beaches in Pondicherry are pristine and well maintained.

Arikamedu: countless artefacts from historical Rome, including sculptures, glassware, lamps and gem stones, were found out in Arikamedu, with a supporting notion that it was a port where trading was carried between Rome and Tamil Nadu.

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Mari kita lihat beberapa tempat keren untuk bersantai di Indonesia. Mulai dari hotel yang sangat terkenal di Nusa Dua yang memiliki beberapa pantai terkenal sampai kota Yogyakarta yaitu kota yang tidak dapat dilewatkan karena memiliki sejarah pembentukan Jawa dan fokus sosialnya, serta kota Bandung yang luar biasa, permata kepulauan Indonesia.

Tip Perjalanan: Jangan pernah lupa untuk naik transportasi bus ketika di Indonesia, transportasi lawas dan dapat beristirahat dengan tenang selama perjalanan. Pekerjaan jadi berkurang ketika anda dapat memesan tiket secara online dari  redbus , ketika memesan disini anda jadi memiliki lebih banyak waktu dan membuat anda dapat memilih lebih leluasa dari beragam jenis transportasi yang banyak. Buat perjalanan anda menjadi sensasional!

Di sini, ketika muncul pertanyaan dimana sebaiknya mencari tempat untuk bersantai maka anda akan dapat menemukan tempat terbaik di mana segalanya, semua tempat mudah diakses. Cukup jauhkan kekhawatiran anda, karena ada 5 keputusan Hotel terbaik di Indonesia yang dapat anda pilih dan kami diberikan di bawah ini. Tempat-tempat ini akan membantu menendang anda untuk memulai perjalanan baru anda dengan sukses.

The Jayakarta Bali: Hotel ini memiliki keseimbangan antara taman-taman kaya nan indah yang terletak di Pantai Legian, dan memiliki kemahsyuran dengan pemandangan matahari terbenam yang menakjubkan. Sambil menawarkan kedamaian dan ketenangan, untuk tempat berbelanja, dan tempat menstimulasikan diri dapat dengan mudah diakses hanya dengan berjalan kaki dari hotel. Fasilitas yang ada di hotel ini yaitu kolam renang, kolam renang anak, taman bermain anak, pusat kebugaran, spa dan pijat, lapangan tenis, dan fasilitas untuk konferensi dan perjamuan.

Sheraton Hotel and Towers: Anda dapat merasakan setiap aktivitas anda disini sama seperti tempat beristirahat di rumah anda sendiri ketika menginap di Sheraton, kamar dan suite yang baru direnovasi dengan ruang yang dibuat dengan penuh perhatian memberi anda kesempatan untuk tetap berhubungan dengan semua teman dan keluarga anda. Terletak di jantung komersial yang berkembang dan berada di daerah perumahan utama di Jakarta Selatan. Hotel ini memiliki kolam renang outdoor sendiri dengan pemandangan kota yang menakjubkan di mana para tamu dapat menikmati minuman di bar. Hotel ini merupakan bagian dari kompleks blok super, yang menawarkan pusat perbelanjaan ritel, kantor serta pusat konvensi dan pameran. Setiap kamar hotel dilengkapi dengan fasilitas modern seperti TV layar datar serta area tempat duduk yang nyaman untuk bersantai setelah menghadapi hari yang sibuk. Tidak perlu pergi ke kafe untuk minum kopi, karena anda akan menemukan teko di kamar itu sendiri.

Selain itu salah satu yang perlu diapresiasi yaitu ada keuntungan tambahan dari Towers Lounge.

The Park Lane Jakarta: Tempat-tempat yang penuh daya tarik, Mall Ambassador, Mall Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan City, ITC Kuningan, ITC Ambassador, Mall @ Kota Kasablanka, Mall @ Bassura City merupakan tempat-tempat untuk objek wisata berada di dekat hotel ini. Hotel ini terkenal dengan butiknya, dan juga menonjolkan warna-warna yang berpasir di semua ruang terbuka dan juga memiliki tempat privat yang besar yang berangin sejuk. Pintu masuk Lobi dan resepsi juga cukup besar.

Century Park Hotel: Hotel ini terletak di dekat kawasan pusat bisnis Jakarta dan hanya beberapa langkah dari pusat perbelanjaan paling bergengsi. Hotel ini adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk melakukan pertemuan bisnis dan juga untuk tujuan rekreasi.

Novotel: Novotel mengakomodasi 156 kamar penginapan, dan juga menawarkan ruang untuk pertemuan bisnis bersama dengan kenyamanan bagi pengunjung. Hotel ini terdiri dari pusat kebugaran, spa, klub anak-anak, dan sebuah restoran di mana anda dapat menikmati makan malam atau minuman di Lounge Bar. 

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Jalan-jalan di pantai, pasar seni, garis pantai yang berwarna keemasan, belanja dengan mewah, dan masih banyak lagi yang bisa anda dapatkan saat berada di Kuta. Jika kegiatan berbelanja dan memburu merek internasional adalah apa yang anda cari, anda akan menemukan berbagai macam gerai yang berbaris di belakang jendela besar menjual barang-barang internasional yang pasti sudah anda cari. Tempat ini juga melayani taman bermain indoor anak-anak karena kami dapat menemukan pusat bermain anak-anak yang disebut Miniapolis Bali. Mengapa menunggu nanti, jika anda berdarmawisata bersama keluarga dan anak-anak, Kuta adalah tempat yang perlu dikunjungi apalagi pantainya.

Lalu, apakah anda mencari kesenangan jiwa yang jauh dari ombak Kuta? Sedikit loncat dari pantai dan tempat ini ada di seberang jalan yaitu Waterbom Bali, taman wisata air terbaik dan sangat luas yang ada di pulau ini.

Tempat lain yang menakjubkan seperti tidak akan ada yang lain lagi di seluruh Indonesia adalah Bali Shell Museum. Museum yang menyimpan segala hal tentang kerang ini menjadi tempat alternatif untuk belajar meskipun sedang dalam kegiatan liburan. Sehingga sangatlah menyenangkan tatkala berlibur tetapi juga mendapatkan ilmu pengetahuan yang bermanfaat. Beberapa tempat lain yang menjadi sorotan sosial budaya, yaitu tempat-tempat suci yang ada di kota, kemunculan Barong, dan terdapat tempat suci agama Buddha yang penting di jantung Kuta ini juga menambah alasan anda untuk tanpa ragu mengunjungi Kuta di Bali. Juga, kembali kita singgah menuju ke sebelah menara penjaga pantai, disini terdapat situs pelestarian penyu lautan di mana anda dan seluruh keluarga dapat mengetahui tentang kelompok yang berenergi disini yang berusaha mengamankan spesies yang terancam. Tetap membaca terus dibawah ini untuk mendapatkan jawaban tentang tempat-tempat menarik yang ada di Kuta.

Saran Perjalanan:Selalu pastikan untuk memilih bus sebagai moda perjalanan anda di Indonesia. Bus selalu menghemat biaya dan menghemat banyak waktu ketika anda memesan bus online dari redbus.id. Pilih dari deretan operator bus yang terdaftar di situs dan nikmati biaya pemesanan nol rupiah saat anda memesan tiket bus dari portal online ini.

Pantai Kuta:Pantai Kuta Bali, terletak di sebelah selatan pulau dewata, dengan pemandangan laut samudra Hindia. Kuta adalah salah satu tempat wisata menarik di Bali yang menjadi tujuan utama wisatawan liburan ke pulau Bali. Pantai ini sangat tekenal dan menjadi andalan pulau Bali, sebagai tempat wisata pantai, sejak tahun 70-an. Pantai ini adalah salah satu pantai terbaik dimana orang dapat menikmati matahari terbenam yang berwarna keemasan di Bali sepanjang tahun. Berjemur, berselancar, berenang, dan bermain sepak bola pantai adalah hiburan favorit, sementara pemijat (layanan pijat wanita), pengepang rambut dan penjajak berkeliaran di sekitar pantai ini.

Teater:Dimulai sebagai tambahan yang unik untuk dunia hiburan di Kuta, menghadirkan panggung trik magis yang dilakukan oleh beberapa pesulap panggung Bali, dan kemudian dikembangkan untuk memasukkan aspek teater ke pertunjukannya.

Dunia Terbalik:Menakjubkan bukan? Jepret diri anda yang terlihat terbalik!! Pernah bertanya-tanya bagaimana ini bisa terjadi? Sebenarnya ini hanya furniturnya yang dirancang secara terbalik. Tidakkah anda ingin melihat diri anda terbalik? Kenapa menunggu untuk itu? Segeralah datang kesini.

Waterbom Bali: Tempat ini terletak tepat di tengah-tengah antara jalan di sepanjang Jalan Kartika Plaza di Kuta dan tepat di seberang jalan dari pusat perbelanjaan yang populer. Seluncur air dan taman rekreasi wisata air ini juga merupakan kenyamanan tambahan bagi para tamu yang umumnya menginap di Hotel terkenal, yang ternyata juga memiliki nama yang sama dengan jalan. Taman air Waterbom Bali memiliki luas area yaitu 3,8 hektar dan di dalamnya terdapat water slide standar kelas dunia. Terdapat 9 jenis permainan di taman air Waterbom, seperti smash down, pipe line, boogie ride, super bowl, boomerang, lazy river, climax, dan masih banyak lagi. Tempat ini juga memiliki banyak lahan berdaun yang memiliki taman tropis terbaik yang memberikan banyak warna pada tempat ini. Foodies tidak akan kecewa karena ada berbagai kantin yang terletak disini serta restoran terbuka yang menawarkan pilihan makanan ringan dan makanan lezat internasional dan juga Indonesia.

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Are you looking for a hotel around Silk Board in Bangalore? Locating a perfect accommodation in a new city is not a cakewalk. Your job gets easier while you browse Redbus Hotel  and choose your ideal stay option in Silk Board. It provides an array of a decent number of hotels near Silk Board, Bangalore. The price of any of the hotels will surely not pinch you as this online hotel booking facility comes with discounts and several potent benefits. You can take a deep look at the location of your stay and analyse the surrounding areas too. All can be done before you confirm your final hotel room! You can read other guest reviews, see the images of the hotel and decide your type of room whether AC/Non AC or select a view-specific room like lakeside or city view; depending on your preference of stay. Henceforth, booking your hotel room in advance will always serve as an advantage. Simply, select your hotel within your budget and make your memorable stay experience in Bangalore.


Silk Board is quite famous for the big Lake and there are several flyover connecting to the rest of the city. It consist of one of the major bus stations, from where several city buses operate all-round the day. One of the transport crowded and bustling area in Bangalore, which serves as an ideal location for stay. There is a tech park in the vicinity and the place is encircled with a wide number of diversified restaurants (moderately priced). People from different cultures work in the IT Park and visit the Madiwala Lake (city attraction), while most of them prefer to commute by public transport (BTMC buses or Auto- rickshaws) and relish their taste buds too. Apart from the major bus stop there is a small railway station too that usually help travellers commuting in local trains. Therefore, opting to stay in Silk Board is never a bad idea!


There are several types of hotels in Silk Board, Bangalore. These range from being luxury to economy, overall, satisfying all kinds of budgets! Here is a list of hotels near Silk Board, Bangalore that can be booked online and these offer a good location with decent services at all times.


Thalassa Suite: The splendid rooms here shall add to the idea of a perfect stay. This luxury hotel serves well for both, business and leisure travellers.


OYO 2266 Gokul Heritage: They offer great accommodation options along with excellent hospitality. The resort delivers a wide range of services to fulfil the requirements of the guests.


OYO 6955 Eyrie Comfort Suites: This is a premium stay choice for fully furnished self-catering service apartments. Being located in Silk Board, it is surrounded with public places like shops and restaurants.


OYO 7480 Garden Green Deluxe 2: This is a service apartment that offers an advantage to the guest of being at home and at the same time enables to enjoy all the real pleasures of a luxury hotel.

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Margao is recognized to be one of the second largest city in the state of Goa. One of the famous tourist locations that boasts of Portuguese colonial past. This place witness a flock of visitors every year, they prefer to book a hotel here and spend their vacation in ease. Booking accommodations is made easier by Redbus Hotel, browse across many hotels near Margao, Goa and opt for an ideal stay. Here hotel stays are listed at discounted rates and undergoing an easy room booking procedure will be of no hassle. Simply carry your booking confirmation copy in the hotel premises and have a great stay experience!

Once your accommodation choice is sorted, you can plan the itinerary well. Some of the many places to visit in Margao are Goa Chitra Museum, Grace Church, Holy Spirit Church, Pandava Caves and much more. The constant public transport activity makes it one of the bustling areas in Goa that is frequented by the people on regular basis. The accommodation around the region offers all basic amenities and most of them are budget friendly too. Like you can opt for bike rental and cab rental services. Some of the pros of staying around this place includes, easily locating yourself in the shopping areas, visiting all points of interests and access other locations without straining yourself.

Here is a list of hotels in Margao, Goa are mentioned below just to ensure a friendly stay. Besides, this shall help you to choose an appropriate accommodation option within a good location. These stays in Shivajinagar can be booked online and be assured as they are decently priced.

Hotel Panchsheel: Offers a good budget class stay option with a good location. A nice place to spend the weekend as it provides decent room services too.

Hotel Tanish: This hotel is highly rated by guests as they provide high quality of services in a good location. Guests can move around easily to other places from the hotel premises. Whether you are a business traveller or a holidaymaker who is looking for more than just a regular hotel room, hotel Tanish is your ideal stay option.

The Sapphire Comfort Hotel: This hotel offers clean bed and bathrooms along with a good location in the city. Located behind the main market area offers an efficient accessibility to eateries, shops and other locations too.

Hotel La Flor: This is a quick stay option for travellers looking for a budget accommodation within Margao, Goa.  Being located in the heart of Margao, the hotel gives easy connectivity to all other places of interests in Goa.

Hotel Avenue: It is situated in Margao, offering a proximity to the railway station and other places of interests. The hotel delivers warm hospitality and ensures that you have a great stay experience.

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That Malaysia is a beautiful country is a fact none will squabble over. What’s not to love? You have your beaches, islands, rainforests, a buzzing city life—it’s the complete package, if one may say so. Often, a holiday to Malaysia is spent visiting just one part of its many wondrous states and cities; a pinched pocket being the reason behind this.

What if we told you can do a different road trips in Malaysia and not a burn a hole in your pocket? Do the road trip by bus, save up on your cash, and travel with all luxurious amenities—a dream come true! Take tickets online from  redbus.my for added convenience.

These road trips are a must-do:

Kuala Lumpur – Ipoh – Taiping

The most popular and iconic attractions of Kuala Lumpur make it a true tourist destination. However, there is a lot more to Kuala Lumpur than just its attractions. Make sure to visit some of the signature destinations like Petaling Street Market and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. At Ipoh, spend time visiting the famous Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun at Ipoh Central Café, Kellie’s Castle and Gua Temperung, and tuck into some soul-soothing Nasi lemak and Nasi vanggey. Taiping is full of greenery and one of the fastest developing places in the world. It is just a one-hour drive from Ipoh. The city is considered a hub of Malaysian and Chinese commerce thanks to the merchant style shops and warehouses from the colonial era that are still present here. Make sure to visit the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari. The zoo here is considered to be one of the best ones in Malaysia as the enclosures here are quite big and full of vegetation. Exploring the entire stretch will take you around 2 to 3 hours. The best time to visit this place is early in the morning.

Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Tinggi – Fraser’s Hill

Climb altitudes through this trip. At the first stop, Bukit Tinggi, visit the French-styled area Colmar Tropicale. Horse riding and archery are activities that await you at Fraser’s Hill.

Alor Setar – George Town – Batu Ferringhi

Penang is popular for their famous hawker food. Remember to sample some char kuey teow (notable ones are in Khoon Hiang Cafe, Lorong Selamat, Mei Le Hwa, and Kimberley Street), Penang cendol (famous ones are in Lebuh Keng Kwee, and Macalister Lane), and asam laksa from Air Itam Market Food Court.

Seremban – Malacca – Johor

Malacca is perhaps one of the most historically intact locations in Malaysia and this is why tourists flock to this history-rich place. You can also opt to put your swim suit on and head over to the A’ Famosa Water Theme Park.

Kuala Lumpur – Sekinchan – Kuala Selangor

Mention scenic paddy fields and Sekinchan would probably pop into Malaysians’ minds. Many have dropped by Sekinchan to host their bridal shoots and there is a good reason for that. Vast open spaces dotted with bright green paddy makes for a photoshoot one would definitely remember.

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Melaka and George Town are often listed on the top of any Malaysian holiday itinerary and match Kuala Lumpur in its popularity. And justifiably so. These two have been historic cities of the Straits of Malacca and the trading and cultural exchanges that took place here between the East and West Straits over 500 years is what has led to the development of these iconic places. I tell you why both of them are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make sure you visit these historic sites on your next trip to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is connected to both places via bus—the preferred mode of transport here. You can even check  Redbus.my for added convenience. This online portal helps to undergo a hassle free journey. The best time to visit Melaka is between the months of April to October and May to November for George Town.

Brilliant examples of multicultural trading that carried mercantile exchanges between Malay and Chinese, Indian and European cultures.

The towns have developed significantly over the last 500 years since the exchanges began and the change has been complementary to the trading successes. In fact a lot of multinationals prefer to have their headquarters relocated here thanks to the ease of doing business and availability of resources as well as well-developed transportation facilities.

They have built a life that bears a testimony to the multi-cultural influences and traditions of the regions they traded with. This is not only seen in the architecture of the place, but in the religious institutions of different faiths, traditions, languages, music, food, art, etc.

The townscape demonstrated by both towns is unparalleled anywhere else in East and South Asia, especially taking into account the large number of shop houses and town houses that dot their landscape. It is exciting to see modern architecture standing side by side with ancient architecture.

Melaka and George Town reflect a mixture of influences which have created a unique architecture, culture and townscape without parallel anywhere in East and South Asia. In particular, they demonstrate an exceptional range of shophouses and townhouses.

The protective measures for the properties are adequate. Both towns exhibit a generally acceptable state of conservation, although efforts are required to ensure the conservation of shophouses. The management plans and structures are adequate and can be enhanced through the continuing conservation programs of the State Party.

Both cities are known to boast about their food apart from their cultural attractions. The food is just delicious, and people come here from different parts of the world just to try the food. 

Almost every corner of the street has a food joint with people gathering all around it

Although the cities are embracing the western culture, the people here haven’t forgotten their roots.

Melaka is one of the best places to shop for antique items. The items are available for dirt cheap rates from Jonker street. Some of the markets are even open 24X7.

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Are you travelling to Bangalore but don’t know which area to accommodate? Drop all your worries and go ahead to book your ideal hotel in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Look at the range of various hotels listed at  redbus.in and decide your convenient stay within your budget. Booking your stay online always gives you a number of benefits, such as you can go through many types of hotels in the same area, read guest reviews and explore other requirements too. There are hotels near Marathahalli, Bangalore suiting all types of budgets; they come with all basic amenities too. The region is believed to have a lot of historical significance, while today it is one of the bustling areas in Bangalore. It has a great connectivity with most of the Tech-parks and corporate sector towards, Bellandur, Mahadevpura and Whitefield. One shall find a wide range of restaurants, good shopping centres, movie theatre and hordes of people on the roads of Marathahalli. It comprises of bus stops and several commuters board their buses from this place. Opting for this place as your stay option shall not disappoint you. You can easily find anything at your doorstep, while the range of accommodation comes with good facilities offering decent hospitality to the guests. The nearest railway station is at Whitefield, however, the AC/Non AC city bus services takes you to most of the major locations from Marathahalli.

Here is a compilation of recommendable hotels near Marathahalli, Bangalore. They can be booked online where you can decide your ideal stay suiting your budget and other demands too. Moreover, this area has a very good connectivity from airport, main city railway station and with all bus stations around the city. The smooth movement of public transportation and communication makes it an eligible location for stay in Bangalore.

High Sky By World Choice: The hotel property is located just off the Outer Ring Road in Marathahalli. The hotel offers Standard Rooms and Suites for comfortable stays for all types of travellers.

Cosmos Guest Homes: They offers accommodation suiting all types of budgets. They also accommodate all categories of guests ranging from corporate to families. Besides, the location of the hotel serves as a great convenience for the guests.

Nandhana Comforts Marathahalli: An Ideal stay choice for travellers or vacationers as they offer high quality of services in a reasonable price. Moreover, it is situated close to major IT parks and entertainment hubs within the city. Besides, the hotel is in close proximity to the bus stations. The hotel is located on the outer ring road, creating great connectivity with the rest of the city.

Sherwood Suites: It is located close to the IT hub and welcome guests with utmost warmth. They are corporate service apartments that is a perfect stay option for any business traveller.

Bhagini Icon: It is located close to the IT hub and offers personalized services to the guests. One can access al close by shops, restaurants and other places easily from the hotel.

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Singapore is much more than its numerous attractions. It is constantly evolving and reimagining itself within a short span of time. It consists of people who are passionate about thinking and creating new possibilities. Foodies, explorers, collectors, action seekers, culture shapers and socialisers all come together and form a new experience everyday. Situated on the equator Singapore is one of the smallest yet one of the most beautiful island countries which is quite known for its cleanliness and safety. It is also one of the most modern cities of South East Asia known to be flourishing for decades together. Tourism is one of the most effective means of boosting the economy of the country. However, when you are on tour make sure to pay heed to the local laws of Singapore or you may end up paying a severe fine.

It is a perfect blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. From its ethnicity to the peaceful gardens everything in this city has made my tour worthwhile. State of the art infrastructure, crystal clear beaches, theme parks makes this country one of the preferred choices for families. After spending almost a month here it was time for me to head to my next destination which is the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I booked my bus tickets from this website redbus.sg and was quite happy with the experience. As per the website there were about 6 operators plying on this route. The One Travel and Tours, Trans Star Express, Seasons Express, Konsortium, First Coach and KKK Travels were some of them. All these Operators had buses plying right from 12:00 am to 10:00 pm. There were about 25 buses departing in a single day from each Operator. The cost of the tickets start upwards of SGD30 and go up all the way to SGD55 depending upon the class of buses you book.

There are about 20 to 25 seats in each bus making room for comfortable traffic. I booked my Bus tickets with Star Mart Express like i usually do. The Operator is quite punctual and the buses are equipped with a wide range of amenities. Star Mart Express is an Executive coach Operator. However, if you are a luxury seeker you can book your bus tickets with the One Travel and Tours. A single ticket with this Operator will cost you around SGD53. I would recommend you to book your bus tickets atleast a week in advance in order to avoid last minute rush.

Kuala Lumpur: The most popular and iconic attractions of Kuala Lumpur are known to define the city as a true tourist destination. The huge Petronaus Twin Towers as well as the Standing Buddha Image found outside Batu Caves are known to be some premiere destinations worth a visit. Kuala Lumpur is known to be full of greenery, lake gardens, homw to popular bird and deer parks that you can freely visit. Make sure to visit the I-City Shah Alam to capture some beautiful pictures of the colourful display of LED lit attractions.

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