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AOL Desktop Gold is oneof the best products available on the market, which gives you full desktop features at one place. AOL Desktop Gold is a reliable and efficient software. Millions of people around the world use AOL Desktop Gold. If you also want to download AOL desktop gold, then get it from the official website of AOL. Still, sometimes AOL Desktop Gold users engage with glitches. One of the common issuesis 'Disappearing of AOL Desktop Gold icon'. This issue is quite easy to solve, if you have any technical knowledge of the computer. But, if you are not a tech person, then you can get help from customer care number.

Follow the steps to restore the missed AOL Desktop Gold icon

AOL Desktop Gold Missing icon is a littlebit frustratingbecause it prevents you to access into AOL Desktop Gold software. Hope you will be able to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon by following the troubleshooting steps. If you need the helpof experts, then reach the customer care team anytime.

Method 1

Step 1.Firstly, click the system tray, located atthe bottom of the desktop screen.

Step 2.Secondly, click on the triangle sign and allow the system to show all the hidden icons.

Step 3:In the hidden icons list, find the AOL Desktop Gold icon. Then click on that and choose ' Create a shortcut' for AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Step 4.In the final step, restart your computer.

Method 2

If you do not find the AOL Desktop Gold icon the hidden icon list. Then search for AOL Desktop Gold software in the search bar. Then right-clickon AOL Desktop Gold and select 'Create a shortcut'.

Method 3

If any above method does not work then you should just perform the reinstall AOL Desktop Gold process. For that, uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from the ' programs & features' manager. Then again aol desktop gold

Hope, you have fixed your problem by using the above techniques. In cases, you need experts to helpwith this problem. Then anytime, call the customer care number, and get the assistance of an expertteam.

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AOL desktop gold is easyto use, reliable and efficient software. It gives youa user-friendlyenvironment to your computer. It hassome awesome features that attractmany computer and laptop users around the globe.

It provides secure and enhanced security to your computer. It works with every Windows OS, Mac OS, andiOS.

But as we know nothing is perfect, AOL desktop gold also deals with issues sometimes.

Error 104 is also an error AOL users sometimes make use of the AOL desktop gold.

Symptoms of error code 104 in AOL desktop gold:

·         The error code 104 pop-up while using AOL the AOL gold desktop and in installation.

·         It freezes the screen for a fewseconds.

·         The windows run slow.

Reasons behind the error code 104:

The main reason behind the error code 104 is the improper installation of some software files. So you should be careful while downloading AOL gold file

Let's properly understand all the causes.

·         The improper installation of the software.

·         Some corrupt or damaged software files.

·         Virus attack.

Fixes of error code 104 in AOL desktop gold:

When users of AOL desktop opt for resolution of error code 104, then they should go through the given steps. These steps are simple, but although you get confused, you can contact experts on the AOL customer support number.

·         Put your computer on a full system scan with any Anti-virus you like.

·         Clean all possible damaged and corrupt software files.

·         Go to the "control panel> programs".

·         Click on uninstall next to the AOL desktop gold.

·         After uninstall, launch the web browser you use.

·         Go to the official website of AOL.

·         Choose AOL Desktop Gold and click on download.

Be carefulwhile AOL gold download for pc

 because any improper file will again cause the error.

·         Check all the drivers of AOL desktop gold installed onyour computer. If any damaged driver is available then delete it.

·         Restart your computer after all changes to update these changes.

Now you should not deal with the error code 104 while using AOL desktop gold but if you are, then call the AOL customer support number for more help.


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Updating your adobe flash player in AOL desktop is necessary if you want to continue enjoying playing games, listening to music, watching videos etc. because the adobe player deals with the proper functioning of graphics and audio and video quality and multimedia. It is also important for Rich Internet Applications on your computer or any other supported device. This software is compatible with the AOL desktop and it is mandatory that users provide the necessary upgrade to it. Through Flash players and its built-in Digital Rights Management functionality, customers can stream any content they want in the AOL desktop. But there are times when customers have asked the question of how to update Adobe flash player in their AOL desktop Gold. This is because not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skill to carry out the task such as this.

After you download AOL gold desktop make sure that the adobe flash player is updated to its latest version. If it is not updated and you are looking for ways to carry out the update process then keep reading this blog. As the required steps needed for this process is mentioned down below:

Step 1:Go to the adobe flash player install page from your desktop.

Step 2:Select your operating system.

Step 3:And under the operating system option select ‘FP 31 Opera and Chromium- PPAPI’.

Step 4:Press ‘download now’ and save it to your desktop.

Step 5:Locate the folder where the file has been downloaded and click ‘open file’.

Step 6: Run the file as administrator and follow the instructions provided on the screen to finish the installation.

Step 7:After the installation process is finished restart the Desktop Gold.

These are the steps which you should follow if you want to update your adobe flash player for better video and audio and multimedia performance.

download AOL desktop gold

Check if the adobe flash player is working properly with the desktop and the operating system of your computer so that you can prevent future inconveniences or problems due to the incompatibility reasons.


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AOL Inc. is an American based online and internet service provider created in 1983 in New York. AOL Desktop gold is an easy to use, all in one desktop that provides mail, browsing, search, content etc. It helps the users navigate the world of AOL seamlessly whilst providing a faster and more secure experience but keeping in hand the familiar look and feel. It has also presented itself with many new features one of the best being its automatic updates, saving its users so much time by detecting old versions and updating them to the latest ones. It also provides an enhanced security system one of which being its two-step verification process to protect your account from being compromised.

But it has been noted that the customers face the problem of logging in after the download AOL gold software 1-844-794-2515 process is complete. This issue isn’t that big of a problem but at the same time to a nontech person, this could be the hardest part of downloading any software or webmail etc.

The steps you could follow to log in to your AOL Desktop Gold are:

Step 1:Open or launch your AOL Desktop Gold.

Step 2:Enter your username and click continue.

Step 4:Make sure the appropriate username is displayed in the field.

Step 5:Click ‘next’.

Step 6:Enter your password and click ‘sign in’.

These are the steps you can take to log in to your account after you install AOL desktop gold. Make sure that you go to the correct home page or make sure the website’s URL is correct or else you will face the unnecessary trouble of searching and redoing the whole process over again.

If you face any difficulty or additional problem while trying to log in, you can contact the AOL technical support number and avail the help of skilled engineers and technicians who will provide you with easy to understand information and step by step instruction to help you resolve your doubts and technical problems. So you don’t need to worry for the hiccups which appear with AOL gold.


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Using the Mac operating system is quite difficult compared to Windows, if you have to download AOL desktop Gold 1-877-226-6053or perform any other task. Do you feel the same problem with yourself? If the feel You same and unable to get help to download this software on your Mac OS X, you are welcome over here. This blog post is about how you can download and install AOL desktop software on Mac OS X in a simple way.

The process which See you can follow for downloading & installation of the software in an easy manner. But if you are stuck with trouble in between, follow the steps to confusion reach to technical experts for help.

Installation steps for AOL gold on Mac OS X: -

Step 1.Turn on your Mac OS X and click to browse the internet .

Step 2.Then search the official page of AOL desktop gold.

Step 3.Now login in your AOL ID & password to access your account.

Step 4.You will see a download button that you need to click on.

Step 5.After complete download, the window will pop-up as "Install now."

Step 6.Click on install button & continue.

Step 7.Tap on ok and agree to terms & conditions.

Step 8.Now you will have to wait for the complete installation process.

Step 9.Finally, the AOL gold software has downloaded your Mac OS X successfully. Set up your account and tap to continue on it.

Finally, you have successfully completed the installation procedure on Mac OS X. You should congratulate yourself for this achievement. Hopefully, when you install AOL desktop gold,you will be able to access AOL mail, safely browse the internet , have IM conversation on your Mac OS X device. This software is the latest version of AOL desktop interface, which has the feature of automatic update, Premium security, and enhanced security. You can enjoy all the exclusive features in one place by using AOL desktop gold.


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