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The high quality 9'' grinding wheel is the most commonly used. Choosing what quality cutting disc has a lot to do with the type of cutting machine itself, the cutting machine power is small, you can choose the sharp type. The cutting machine power is large (more than 3000W), You can choose high-quality cutting pieces. And use the high quality 9'' grinding wheel cutting machine to make the grinding wheel rotate in the direction of avoiding the surrounding staff. The material to be cut should not reach into the sidewalk. The precautions for the cutting of the grinding wheel when it is replaced.


When replacing the cutting wheel of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, the power must be cut off. The newly installed grinding wheel cutting piece must meet the requirements of the equipment, and the cutting piece with quality problems should not be installed. The installation procedure should be carried out according to the installation procedure.


After replacing the cutting wheel of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, it is necessary to test whether there is obvious vibration. It can be used after confirming that the operation is normal. The control box or switch must be intact and have grounding protection. The protective cover of the transmission and the grinding wheel must be safe and reliable and can block the grinding wheel from breaking. The debris that flies out afterward. The end baffle should be firmly mounted on the cover and must not be removed during work.


The above is the knowledge about the high quality 9'' grinding wheel. If you want to know more knowledge, you can pay attention to Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD. We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the manufacture and supply of grinding disc cutting discs and grinding discs. Interested friends are welcome to come to consult.

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1. The actual line speed of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel shall not exceed the requirements of the following table.

2. Before the installation of the grinding wheel, check the speed mark of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, check whether there are cracks and damages, and check the strength.

3. After the installation of the grinding wheel, it must be idling for not less than 5 minutes with the protective cover. Only when it is sure that the grinding wheel has reliable strength can it start working.

4. It is forbidden to use a coolant that has a destructive effect on the high quality 9'' grinding wheel binder.

5. When handling the grinding wheel, it is necessary to prevent severe vibration and impact.

6, according to the size and shape of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, should be placed on the shelf and in the box.

7. The grinding wheel should be stored to prevent moisture and freezing.

8. The storage period of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel shall not exceed one year. If it is overdue, it must be strictly checked to confirm that the quality is no problem before it can be used.

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The diamond high quality 9'' grinding wheel has high hardness, high strength, and strong grinding ability. It is mainly used for grinding high and hard alloys, non-metallic materials, cutting hard and brittle hard alloys, non-metallic minerals and so on. Such as cemented carbide, ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials and wear-resistant cast iron, stone and so on.


Wheel characteristics

1. The grinding efficiency is high, and the high quality 9'' grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow;

2. Self-sharpness, low heat generation during grinding, not easy to block, reducing the phenomenon of work burns during grinding;

3. The grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, which is beneficial to improve the roughness of the surface of the workpiece, and is mainly used for the processes of fine grinding, semi-finishing, knife grinding, and polishing;

4. The diamond grinding wheel is low-temperature curing, the production cycle is short, the equipment and supply process is relatively simple; because the resin has fluidity, it is easy to form a high quality 9'' grinding wheel with the complicated surface.

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Here we share the advantages of diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel than manual grinding.

Today I will teach you the advantages of diamond grinding wheel grinding than manual grinding, I hope to help you in the future can be used, please follow the small edition to understand the following content.


Because of the high speed and low heat dissipation time, the wear rate of diamond high quality 9'' grinding wheel is large. This is because the diamond abrasive is poor in heat resistance and easy to carbonize, but in manual grinding, because of the low grinding speed, the wear of diamond abrasive decreased. This is due to low grinding speed, long heat dissipation time and low grinding temperature. It can be seen that diamond abrasive is not only high in life but also economical in low speed manual grinding.


The diamond grinding wheel rotates at a certain speed and rubs across the contact surface of the two electrodes at a certain pressure. At the same time, the grinding fluid is sprayed into the contact surface between the two electrodes and the grinding wheel. When the power supply is switched on, the contact discharge between the electrode and the diamond grinding wheel occurs, thus causing the discharge erosion of the metal bond of the grinding peak and the diamond. The stone particles are partly exposed and prominent. In this way, diamond grinding wheels can be repaired.


The advantages of diamond grinding wheel made in China over manual grinding are described above. Our company is engaged in diamond grinding wheel industry for more than ten years. We have rich production experience and 100% guarantee of product quality. If you need to consult or purchase, you can call our service hotline.



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