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The working layer of the resin diamond cup type fast 9'' grinding wheel is composed of a diamond and a resin binder. The main component of the resin binder is a resin and an auxiliary material, which is mixed with the diamond powder, and is heated and solidified by pressure to form a resin diamond grinding wheel which is firmly combined with the substrate.


Diamond grinding wheels are superhard abrasives, which are generally used to process high hardness and high brittle materials such as hard alloys, ceramics, glass, semiconductor materials and stone.


The advantages of the diamond cup type grinding wheel produced by our company are as follows:

a. Strong grinding ability, good wear resistance, high durability, easy to control the processing size and automatic processing.

b. Small grinding force, low grinding temperature, good surface quality, no burns, cracks and tissue changes. When the diamond wheel grinds the cemented carbide, the grinding force is only 1/4~1/5 of the green silicon carbide grinding wheel.

c. High grinding efficiency. When machining hard alloys and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, the metal removal rate of diamond grinding wheels is better than cubic boron nitride grinding wheels; but when processing heat-resistant steel, titanium balance, mold steel, etc., cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are far higher For diamond grinding wheels.

d. Low processing costs. Diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are relatively expensive, but because of their long life and high processing efficiency, the overall cost is low.

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Diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to check the authentication are:

1. Check if the grade of the grinding wheel is correct and meet the performance, shape and size of all selected diamond grinding wheels.

2. Inspect and identify the internal crack of the grinding wheel. With a hand-held grinding wheel, tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer to hear the sound. The crack-free grinding wheel makes a crisp sound, and the cracked fast 9'' grinding wheel is hoarse, which cannot be used.

3. Check and identify the appearance of the grinding wheel. Use your eyes to see if the wheel is damaged (or has cracks). A grinding wheel with a damaged appearance (or a crack) cannot be used. In addition, it is required that the ends of the grinding wheel are flat and there must be no obvious skew.

Washing method:

Diamond fast 9'' grinding wheels are used to polish the belt during the production process. Generally, the grinding wheel should be unloaded for 5-7 days.

(The above-mentioned rubber crumbs are polished and adhered to the surface of the corundum after high temperature friction, which is difficult to clean)


Now we soak it in acetone for 2 hours and then clean it with an imported cleaning agent. The effect is very good, but it is not environmentally friendly.

Cleaning requirements:

1. Can not damage the diamond wheel

2. To be environmentally friendly, free of ketones, not halogenated hydrocarbons

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The fast 9'' grinding wheel does not know how deep it is for the present people in the present life. But we must know that we are inseparable from the extensive use of our life, so today Henan abrasives The manufacturer describes the precautions for the use of the grinding wheel, let's look at the relevant content.


The spark generated when the fast 9'' grinding wheel is working is very large, so it must be noted that it is burnt. Generally, the following matters should be noted when working on the grinding wheel:


First, there should be no flammable or explosive materials around; no polyester clothes, polyester is a by-product of petroleum, and it is flammable; do not wear short sleeves, but should wear long trousers. The fast 9'' grinding wheel is not The high temperature generated by the friction burns the contact part, but generates a sharp angle when rubbing, thereby cutting off the hard metal material. Those sparks are only the phenomenon after the sharp angle is generated, and the workpiece is not melted by the high temperature generated by the friction.


Then the above content is about Henan abrasive abrasives manufacturers to describe the use of the fast 9'' grinding wheel, then we Henan Henan abrasives special equipment development and production and operation of enterprises. Specializing in the production of grinding wheel cutting, grinding wheel ultra-thin, Henan abrasive Grinding tools and other products, details can be inquired.

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The main difference between electrolytic grinding and anodic mechanical grinding and conductive grinding is grinding wheel made in China.


The electrolytic grinding wheel does not contain special alloy components, mainly has good electrical conductivity, requires the uniform distribution of abrasives, and protrudes from the metal substrate by 25-50 microns to maintain the electrolytic gap, accommodate the electrolyte, and prevent the two-pole short circuit. The abrasive grain protrusion is obtained by the reverse polarity dressing grinding wheel. At this time, fast 9'' grinding wheel is connected to the positive electrode, the copper block is trimmed to the negative electrode, and the electrolyte is injected. The voltage is selected to be 8-10 volts, and the current density is 30-50 amps/cm 2. Electrolysis, the surface of the grinding wheel metal is chromatographed, and the reverse electrolysis time is generally 20-30 minutes. Gap measurement is difficult, generally mastered by experience, or with a universal electric meter, one end is in contact with the surface of the grinding wheel, and the other end is in contact with the metal substrate to achieve insulation.


Diamond abrasives are often used because of their high hardness, good particle shape, and long life; but they are more expensive. We used alumina abrasives, and we can get better results after testing.


When the electrolytic fast 9'' grinding wheel is selected, a single-layer abrasive plating wheel is used to combine the abrasive and the metal by the nickel plating method and has the advantages of small electric resistance and uniform abrasive, but the plating layer is thin, the trimming is difficult, and the service life is short. The other is a metal bond grinding wheel made in China, which is obtained by mixing and sintering a metal powder and an abrasive. It has the advantages of convenient dressing and long service life, but the resistance is slightly larger, and the abrasive distribution is sometimes not uniform enough. Both types of grinding wheels are used in price, and the metal bond grinding wheel is suitable for promotion because of its convenient manufacture and long service life.


The company is a company that produces and sells grinding disc, grinding wheel made in China, and so on. Welcome customers to negotiate business.


In recent years, micro-V-grooves have been designed on optical fiber docking, medical cell analysis and photovoltaic lamp substrate, which can produce new functions such as micro-fiber array positioning, micro-cell guidance and so on. But these high value-added substrates are mostly hard and brittle materials difficult to process. It depends on the low efficiency and high-cost method of chemical and chemical etching. In this study, it is proposed that the fine precision dressing with V-tip of fast 9'' grinding wheel is the key technology to ensure the degree of fineness.


In the research, the V-tip of the diamond grinding wheel is dressed by NC grinding and contact discharge technology, and the feasibility of micro-dressing is analyzed. Furthermore, the inspection and evaluation model of V-tip angle and tip arc radius is established to study the factors affecting the forming quality of V-tip of the diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel, and the dressing accuracy and efficiency are analyzed experimentally.


First of all, NC grinding technology was used to repair the V tip of a diamond grinding wheel and the machining experiment was carried out. The experimental results show that the radius of the V-tip of the SD600 diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel can be less than 20 microns, and the fine diamond particles on the V-tip can be sharpened, which can be used in micro-grooving. When machining monocrystalline silicon, the radius of the microgroove corner is 28.3-micron m, and its aspect ratio is 0.20. In addition, the shape of the V tip micro abrasive has a great influence on dressing efficiency and machining accuracy. Compared with # 180GC oilstone dressing, using # 600GC dressing can get better micro-abrasive edge appearance, and improve material removal rate about three times in micro-groove processing, but the dressing rate is reduced by 6-7 times. Thirdly, the V tip of the metal bonded diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel was repaired by contact discharge.


It is found that when the discharge voltage is 7V and the discharge frequency is 500HZ, a better forming angle and a smaller tip arc radius can be obtained; the dressing rate of contact discharge dressing is about 350 times that of # 600GC rubble dressing, and the dressing efficiency is about 59 times that of # 600GC rubble dressing. Finally, the V-shaped tip of the dressed fast 9'' grinding wheel is used to fabricate micron-scale groove arrays and pyramid spatial arrays of cemented carbide turning tool head, optical fiber butted quartz substrate, SiC ceramics and WC cemented carbide substrate. The experimental results have shown the application prospect, which provides a theoretical basis and basic parameters for the application of V-tip diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel in micro-machining.

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Here we share the advantages of diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel than manual grinding.

Today I will teach you the advantages of diamond grinding wheel grinding than manual grinding, I hope to help you in the future can be used, please follow the small edition to understand the following content.


Because of the high speed and low heat dissipation time, the wear rate of diamond high quality 9'' grinding wheel is large. This is because the diamond abrasive is poor in heat resistance and easy to carbonize, but in manual grinding, because of the low grinding speed, the wear of diamond abrasive decreased. This is due to low grinding speed, long heat dissipation time and low grinding temperature. It can be seen that diamond abrasive is not only high in life but also economical in low speed manual grinding.


The diamond grinding wheel rotates at a certain speed and rubs across the contact surface of the two electrodes at a certain pressure. At the same time, the grinding fluid is sprayed into the contact surface between the two electrodes and the grinding wheel. When the power supply is switched on, the contact discharge between the electrode and the diamond grinding wheel occurs, thus causing the discharge erosion of the metal bond of the grinding peak and the diamond. The stone particles are partly exposed and prominent. In this way, diamond grinding wheels can be repaired.


The advantages of diamond grinding wheel made in China over manual grinding are described above. Our company is engaged in diamond grinding wheel industry for more than ten years. We have rich production experience and 100% guarantee of product quality. If you need to consult or purchase, you can call our service hotline.


Fast high quality 9''230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel is widely used in all kinds of construction industry, it is used to grind the stainless steel, carbon steel, and iron. 


Before we take the order, we first will ask customers some questions.


The first question is about the application, we will ask them what material do they want to grind by using the fast 9'' grinding wheel. Actually, to grind iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, there is big difference, if you want it to grind iron, we can produce it more suitable for iron, if you want it to grind carbon steel, we can produce it more suitable for carbon steel, if you want it to grind stainless steel, we can produce it more suitable for stainless steel. We will have to change the rate of the material during the blending to meet your demands, or change the raw material from the source. 


The second question we will ask customer is what sizes do you want, if the sizes are common seen and standard size, there will be no need to worry, while if the sizes are not common seen and new to us, we will have to order the new model for the new grinding wheel made in China For example, common seen 9’’ grinding fast grinding wheel for stainless steel is 230*6*22.23, while if you want it 230*6*25.4, it is a new size, it is not common seen, we will have to open new model for it. 


The third question will be the quantity you want, if you order more than our MOQ, there will be no problem and we can produce it according to your quantity, while if your order is less than our MOQ, we will have problem to produce it for you, for example, if our MOQ is 10000, but you only ask for 5000pcs, there will be a problem for us to produce for you, actually we can produce, but the problem is that there will be unqualified fast grinding wheel for stainless steel produced, we need to destroy the unqualified products, maybe the unqualified fast grinding wheel for stainless steel more than what you need, and if we open our machine, maybe the first two hours we are just doing the adjusting and excising work, the third hour will start the real work, within 30 minutes, all the products have been produced, no more need this machine, our workers will be very sad, they have worked too much time for the adjusting, while producing just takes 30 minutes, they can only earn very little money, they are unwilling to do that job.



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