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American art in its high-speed development process, has frequently acquired other small and medium-sized game studio. The United States Electronic Arts in the successful acquisition of the studio, often the normal work of these studios for greater intervention, even in the layoffs of the studio to take reorganization or dissolution measures, resulting in the studio lost the original active work Atmosphere, and make it responsible for the success of the game brand gradually decline. For example, the Westwood Studios, which had been concerned by the "Command and Conquer" series, were closed in 2003 after the acquisition, and the Los Angeles Division, which took over the sequel to the series, did not bring surprises to the players, Conquest "after the release of the fourth generation of works was announced to terminate the development. US Electronic Arts in early 2008, the attempt to acquire Take Two is a lot of criticism.

At the beginning of 2008, John Riccitiello, chief executive officer, said that EA had recognized the company's misconception about the studio after the acquisition and promised that the company would give the division a greater autonomy Right, but more interference within the studio decision-making. Since then, the image of the United States Electronic Arts gradually improved, and even id Software and resigned by the Infinity Ward Entertainment also expressed the intention of cooperation with the United States Electronic Arts Madden Mobile Coins

In 2004, EA was disclosed that its employees had been working for too long. Even in the absence of a product's daily work, employees can work up to 100 hours per week. Employees work from 9 am to 22 pm daily, 7 days a week, and occasionally be allowed to spend half a day on Saturday for good performance. After the joint appeals of the employees, the United States Electronic Arts finally come up with more than 3,000 million dollars to compensate employees. Since then, the company began to pay a number of non-senior employees, such as programmers, art designers, and long-term plans to solve the balance between employee work and life, and to communicate with employees.


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